Food Selection in the UCLA Dining Halls

Aside from receiving the highest number of applications per year, UCLA is also recognized as one of the universities with the best food selections. It has four food halls – Bruin Plate, De Neve, Feast, and Covel. 

Each UCLA dining hall offers different food varieties that cater to the students’ distinct tastes and preferences. 

Bruin Plate, for instance, is the top choice for vegetarians and students who love flatbreads, wheat pasta, and quinoa bowls. For avid fans of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, Covel is the place to be. Covel also serves Halal and Kosher-friendly options. 

As for Asian food lovers, feast is the UCLA dining hall of choice. And lastly, for delicious South and North American dishes, De Neve should be your next food destination. 

Why should food choices matter in colleges and universities? 

In a 2018 study conducted by the Wisconsin Hope Lab, it was revealed that approximately 36% of the students in the universities are food insecure. On the other hand, the estimated rate of food insecurity among community college students is at 42%.

Furthermore, the said study also noted that there is a high correlation between basic need insecurity and academic performance. Meaning, the higher the level of food insecurity, the weaker the student’s academic performance.

Given such research results, it can be argued that university and community college students should have access to better food to improve their respective academic performances. 

What type of food do these dining halls serve daily? 

Meal plans are dependent on the student’s housing plan, so the cost also varies based on his room type. However, there are still various swipe options that allow students to choose and pay for what they want. 

The great thing about UCLA dining halls is that they offer individual pricing plans for student residents who have low swipes. This offer is also available to the student’s family and friends, and even to outsiders who want to enjoy the food in the dining hall. Also, the food price never goes beyond $14 per day. 


Covel usually serves burgers, fries, pasta, and pizza every day. While their pasta dishes change a couple of times a week, they repeat the same recipe each week. Covel goers also love the “Mezze Bar” that serves the Mediterranean-inspired toppings, pickled vegetables, and dips. Their “Euro Kitchen” also offers two sets of European dishes that change daily. This includes lamb, chicken, fish, kofta, fritters, falafel, and more. 


Feast is a winner in terms of food variety since they change their dishes daily, except for their teriyaki chicken and soup selections. They serve bao, dumplings, udon, crab fried rice, pho, karaage, tteokbokki, curry, and more! They also set up a pho station, a curry station, and a fried rice station. The only downside is they only have two types of dishes daily — meat or vegetarian options. 

De Neve

DeNeve changes their menu daily, with pizza and burgers as their only constant. They also change the food flavor often, which keeps many students excited and surprised. They have Mexican dishes, meat, roasted vegetables, soups, and fried chicken sandwiches every day. They also set up a “Flexi Bar” where they showcase their rice, salad, chicken, fish, vegetables, and soups. 

Bruin Plate

B-Plate is everybody’s favorite because of the variety of food they offer. From grilled chicken to tri-tip, salmon, tofu bowls, veggies, flatbreads, and plates of pasta. They stand out because of their risky, innovative, unique, yet delicious food options. You can give their vegan lentil bolognese rotini a taste. If you like, you can also try their freekeh and chicken tacos, braised beef brisket with tatsoi and pigeon peas. Their dishes may sound obscure, but it can blow you away. 

UCLA not only aims to make quality education accessible for everyone, but it also strives to improve the students’ living conditions through excellent food choices. If you want to watch videos of UCLA students and visitors reviewing these dining halls, check out Campus Reel now. 

Feature photo by UCLA

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