Wear an Animal Hat and Make a Difference

What in the world are animal hats? Wait, do not dismiss them as a head covering made from parts of unfortunate animals. They are, in fact, something better. If you take time to know more about them, you might get the inspiration to be a part of a movement that saves lives.

Okay, so they do look like just another dad hat – a baseball cap for some. That might not come off as impressive as one might have expected, but there is an excellent reason why it is called an animal hat and not a baseball cap or a trucker hat.

Driven by a Dream

Each hat traces its roots to a dream, and it is the same dream that fuels the design and manufacture of every one of them.

Yes, it is all about the animals, that is, saving the animals, which is more specific. It is not limited to either only domesticated animals or only animals in the wild. What matters is that the dream did not come with borders or limits on which animal category needs our attention and help. 

We get beset by the consequences of our careless relationship with the environment and its creatures. This carelessness is the reason why we are losing both the environment and its creatures fast, and buying and wearing animal hats can be one way of invigorating our desire to be a positive member of the entire natural ecosystem.

Driven to Contribute

While the entire affair of producing animal hats is still a business with the objective of profit-making, a substantial portion of the sales goes back to the effort of fulfilling the dream.

Thus, ten percent of the profits go directly to the top conservation bodies of the world. 

Depending on the ‘cause’ that you will support through the purchase of the corresponding animal hats, the donated percentage of the profits could go to the Humane Society, the World Wide Fund for Nature, or the Oceana. 

If you have a love for dogs, cats, or those animals that we humans typically bond with, then you ought to buy a hat or two under the Domestic Animals selection, and your support will go to the Humane Society.

On the other hand, if you have a passion for all creatures great and small in the wild, show your love for them by buying animal hats from the Endangered Species category. The corresponding percentage shall then go to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Global warming and the ongoing pollution of our oceans are putting our marine life at worsening conditions every day. You can start contributing to the efforts of saving the seas and its creatures by purchasing animal hats from the Marine Protection Hats collection. Ten percent of the sales will then go to the support of Oceana.

Driven to Make a Difference

Ultimately, it is all about making a statement, and a clear one at that. That is why every hat gets a meticulous embroidery of an animal that is representative of a specific animal conservation cause. Some of the designs are even iconic. I mean, who would miss the familiar silhouettes of a lion’s head, a marine turtle, or a Labrador retriever?

The hat, the design, the materials used, and the overall construction make for a modern-looking fashionable statement. But more than a fashion statement, the hope is that by donning one of these hats, you will spark the curiosity that will lead to others getting inspired by your purchase and use of an animal hat. 

More than getting the inspiration is the drive to make a difference by pitching into the efforts for conservation. Wear an animal hat, show it off, and let the world see that you are a part of something bigger and noble.

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