5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring Professional Dog Trainer in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is the biggest city in New Mexico, a state in the southwestern of the United States. With around 560,000 people in the population, Albuquerque is considered the most populous city in New Mexico. It’s acknowledged as one of the cities in the nation that has the most diverse cultures. 

Just like any other city and state in the country, people in Albuquerque love their dogs and train them profusely. There are plenty of Albuquerque dog clubs that offer the Canine Good Citizen Test, a certification program that evaluates dogs in simulated day-to-day conditions, all year round. Before hiring professionals for dog training in Albuquerque, here are five crucial questions that you need to ask them.

Question #1: What kind of equipment will you use to train the dogs?

Excellent dog trainers in Albuquerque would discourage using force to train the dogs. They would not use equipment that may inflict pain, discomfort, or restriction on the breathing of the dogs, which includes pinch collar, spray, and electric collars, as well as the choke chains. Not only will this equipment cause difficulty in breathing for the dogs, but they are also unsafe.

The best dog trainers would recommend a front or back clipping harness that properly fits the dogs to reduces the chances of harming the dogs’ neck and make sure they stay comfortable throughout the training. Instead of using a retractable leash, they would recommend using a 6’ to 8’ flat leash, which would give the handler better control and help prevent injuries.

Question #2: What will happen to dogs that respond well in training?

Dogs that learn well and get the instruction right during the training should get some reward, such as toys or food. The best trainer in Albuquerque would use positive reinforcement when the dogs successfully perform the right action as instructed. This will teach the dog that certain behavior will be rewarded and some behaviors won’t be.

Question #3: What will happen to dogs that do not respond well in training?

The best dog trainer in Albuquerque would try to redirect or ignore any undesirable response by the dogs. The professional trainers would not try to keep pushing or forcing the dogs to do the things that they considered as “appropriate behavior.” Instead, they would try to teach the dogs other alternatives behavior. This method will ensure that the dogs will keep on learning and eventually know how to behave appropriately down the line.

Question #4: How will you punish the dogs if they get something wrong or show any unfavorable behavior

The best professional for dog training in Albuquerque would not be impatient and will only teach the dogs with skills that are appropriate to their age. They would not be expecting too much in the early stages of teaching. Instead of getting angry at the dog all the time, they would adequately encourage the dogs. 

If the dogs still did not respond correctly, they would try to remove something that the dogs may find favorable, such as toys, treat, or even attention. The trainers would persistently keep trying until the dogs get it right.

Question #5: What professional dog training organizations have you join?

Force-free dog trainers in Albuquerque should only be a member of selective associations around the area that advocate humane and ethical training techniques that are non-aversive for the dogs. They would never join any associations that promote training methods that use fear, force, or threat.

While training the dogs would be excellent to nurture good behavior in them, using force and intimidation to make them behave or respond correctly is downright inhumane. Dogs are lovable creatures that deserve people’s love and care.

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