The Many Uses of the New Clover 2

Whether you’re a Clover convert or new to the idea of point of sale systems, the new Clover 2 may be what you need to boost your enterprise. Do you operate a food truck, manage a gas station or own a veterinary office? Clover 2 can work for all these scenarios and more. Here’s a closer look at the many uses of the system.

Industry Compatibility

Clover 2 is compatible with and used by a wide range of industries, from health and hospitality to retail, food and beverage, property management, service, and more. A large, bright touch screen enhances customers’ experience, while a proprietary swivel arm allows easy screen viewing for the merchant and customer. The embedded high-resolution camera makes barcode or QR code scanning simple.

The new system’s updates make it an especially great fit for the full-service restaurant industry. Besides the swivel touch screen, it includes tables and orders apps and a customer-facing printer display. These features result in faster, more efficient transactions for your employees and your customers.

Payment Processing

With faster than ever payment processing capability, the new Clover station saves you and your customers time and gives you peace of mind. Previously, Clover hardware couldn’t accept EMV cards, cards with computer chips and the technology that authenticates chip-card transactions. That’s all changed with Clover 2: The system accepts and processes EMV cards without the need for additional hardware.

Data Analysis and Time Management Tracking

No matter the industry you belong to, merchant account data analysis and time management tools make your work life much easier. Clover 2 features a high-tech inventory tracking, which allows you to collect and analyze data from every transaction. With this kind of information, you can understand where and how to boost sales as well as prepare future sales and marketing plans.

Clover 2 also includes easy-to-use timesheet management tools, which can help you get a handle on labor hours and employee efficiency. Fingerprint scanning is another feature of the new system that complements the demand for increased security in today’s business world.

Scalable Features

Business owners need the appropriate tools to support their business as it grows. Designers built Clover 2.0 on an open platform, which means you can expand your business and its reach through apps and features from the Clover app marketplace. Browse, download and install the features you need to support a specific aspect of your business.

Value-Added Options

Creating brand recognition and customer loyalty is key to the success of any long-term business. The new Clover station supports the Clover Gift Cards app, which lets you sell digital and plastic cards to your customers and grant credit from your Clover device.

With Clover 2, you can also set up a rewards program that benefits you and your loyal supporters. Features include easy customer sign-up and promotional materials.

Learn More About Clover 2

Are you ready to learn more about what Clover 2 can do for you? Contact a reputable POS dealer in your area with your questions about this versatile POS system.

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