The Razer Edge Pro

Razer Edge Pro 2013 has already brought a great deal of gadgetry to the table, shocking consumers with new improved i-phones, 80 inch razor thin television/computer screens and the ever popular but controversial Google Glass. Promises of the X-box 1 and the Playstation 4 already has gamers pleading their cases and proving their loyalties to said consoles. However, gamers haven’t had maximum game experiences with handheld devices since the PSP and the Gameboy which seems as dated as the wheel. Razor Edge Pro

Enter The Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet, the combination of convenience and functionality in a gamers hand held delight. Every Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet comes standard housing a 1.9GHz Intel Core i7 CPU with 8GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce GT 640 LE GPU, and 256GB SSD in a sleek portable design. Excitingly powerful enough to run full PC gaming capabilities along with massive processing ingenuity to run games like Bio Shock Infinite, Crysis 3 and Dishonored.

Gamers will enjoy the immersive vibration-feedback with complete reflective acoustics that coincide directly to game play.  The game pad controller features dual precision analog sticks along with a back lit D-pad and classic action button bumpers and triggers for ultimate precision. Razor Edge Keyboard

The 10.1 multi touch display screen not only walks the gamer walk but it acts as a fully functioning mobile PC run by Windows 8. The Keyboard Dock for the Razer Edge transforms the impressive gaming machine into a hard cased functioning laptop. Most practical home use is met with the Home Console Mode that is a docking system that allows maximum display and peripherals with multiple game pad control syncing features for everyone at home to enjoy. Razor Edge Home Console



The Gamepad Controller features dual precision analog sticks and backlit D-Pad & action buttons for accurate headshots day or night. With Xinput support, – See more at:


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