Tips on Maintaining a Chat Over the Phone With Your Girlfriend

Perhaps you are quite a distance apart from your girlfriend and you only get to have a close moment over the phone. However, it is not always easy to keep a phone conversation flowing between you and your girlfriend. Maybe both of you have run out of things to talk about or the conversation is plainly boring or one of you feels tired and wants to hang up. This is when having some great tricks to keep the conversation going comes in, especially if you feel that you need that moment on phone together to keep you close.

Here are some tips to help you talk for long duration on phone with your girlfriend:

Tell her about interesting things in your day

Most of the time, lovers who are distances apart have phone conversations in the evening to catch up on each other’s day and to wish each other a good night. To avoid the monotony of talking about ordinary things like how you miss her and such, you could narrate to your girlfriend about something funny or interesting that happened during your day. You will be avoiding the tiring stories of how busy and hectic your day was and make her full of excitement as you make her laugh by telling her of your funny encounters throughout the day. That way, you will prolong your conversation on the phone and make her night sweet.

Ask her open-ended questions

While people like talking about themselves if given a chance, you could limit them by asking questions that just need a yes or no answer. The trick here is to ask her things that will lead to a conversation and at the same time avoid an interview-like interrogation. For example, instead of just asking her, “How has your day been?” You may ask her something like, “What interesting thing did you do today?” This will lead to a detailed and long conversation and will get you both smoothly into the discussion.

Arrange or discuss things you will do together

Do you have some things that you want to do together, maybe going out for a movie, having dinner, or something else? Well, you can discuss this and it will keep your conversation going for a long time. Let’s say you have not met physically after having hooked up on online dating sites like Happymatches, you can discuss about when and where you can meet. You may talk about how you feel about that first meeting and other things. If you have already met, you may have a plan, for instance attending a movie together in which case you can talk about the reviews you have seen of the movie and so on.

Make a follow-up on things she mentioned

Your girlfriend will not only feel that you pay attention to what she tells you and means a lot to her but will also feel valued and cared for. Maybe if she had told you about a sick relative, you can ask her how the relative is getting on. She could also have mentioned about a book that she is reading, and in such a case, you can ask her if she finished reading it or how the story is going. If you have read it, discuss it a bit with her.


You can use many other tactics to keep a phone conversation flowing with your girlfriend, but listening actively or empathetically works miracles. You can also maintain a phone conversation by avoiding being judgmental or invalidating her feelings by saying things like, “You overreacted.”

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