Step by Step Guide on How to Turn Shatter Into Oil

Portable vape cartridges have become common among the medical and recreating weed users. The cartridges allow for quick and discreet use of extract without needing to carry around papers, lighters, and pipes. In a study conducted in 2018, it found that one in four Cannabis users prefer THC vape cartridges in place of flower – that’s up 400 percent from 2017 stats. The increasing demand for the cartridges means retails are going to charge higher prices probably for a 500ml cartridge. Before taking a look at how to turn shatter into oil and the methods and steps you follow, let’s examine the differences and similarities of wax and vape oil.

Wax vs Vape Oil

Both wax and vape oil come from the marijuana plant; however, wax seems to be more potent. Oil and wax extracts are referred to as oleoresins. Being less intense, oil typically is available in pre-filled cartridges. With wax, it is more intense, and its consistency may be soft, semi-solid or solid substance. Types of wax such as shatter, honeycomb, or crumble are brittle solids, but they melt and vaporize after they are exposed to high temperatures. The wax extracts that come with names like live resin, sap, or budder tend to be softer, more pliable substances. This is exactly what you expect from the typical wax, you know. When it comes to vape oil, it is a liquid and comes in different viscosity levels. You may find that some oils are thin while others are denser – nonetheless, they are all liquids.

In terms of potency, wax is more intense due to the extraction methods that are used to make it. After extracting wax from a cannabis plant, the substance has higher levels of terpenes and cannabinoids – it’s highly potent and extremely intense. It can have THC concentrations reaching 90 percent. On the flip side, the production method that is used to make oil ends up diluting it. So, the concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids in oils aren’t that high. 

Now that you know a thing or two regarding wax and vape oil let’s look at how you can turn wax to vape juice.

Method 1: Slow method – recommended

To turn wax into oil, you will need to have a small glass for mixing, a syringe for filling cartridge, pot for boiling water, half a gram or more concentrate, EJ mix, metal dab tool or say paperclip, and natural terpenes for adding flavor. 

  • Make a double boiler utilizing a pot that has few inches of water alongside an empty glass vessel for mixing that has a heavy bottom.
  • Now, heat the water that’s within the double boiler, ensuring it reaches temperatures of 80 degrees Celsius. Use a candy thermometer to measure the temperature – though it’s not a must you have the thermometer. You can just observe to see that the water is hot enough. Wait to the point when you start seeing bubbles forming at the pot’s bottom area, this will show that you have reached the temperatures you need. 
  • Put the concentrate into the empty glass vessel and allow it to melt for roughly 5 minutes.
  • Add your EJ Mix formula maintaining a ratio of 1ml or 35 drops EJ Mix for every gram of concentrate like oil, wax, shatter, rosin, budder, and others. 
  • Allow the mixture to increase in temperature for a few minutes.
  • Now stir the mixture until you see that all little pieces of your wax dissolve. You find that for oils that have a sappy or shatter consistency, it only takes a few minutes to dissolve. With sugar wax or crumble, it may take longer- say, 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • Add flavoring, but this is optional. You may decide not to add flavor. You can use natural terpenes about 1 to 2 drops to get an authentic flavor. Some people try using regular e-cig flavoring. However, that does bring out an authentic flavor.
  • Using a syringe with blunt tip dispensing needle, extra the infused liquid then fill it in your disposable vape cartridge. 
  • Allow about 15 minutes for the oil to soak within the coils or wick of the cartridge fully.

Method 2: 60-second method

With this method, it delivers an end product containing more flavor; however, it is not as potent. You will need to have shot glass, EJ Mix, half a gram or more concentrate, syringe for filling a cartridge, paperclip, metal dab tool, and natural terpenes for flavor.

  • Start by adding 1 gram of your preferred concentrate to the glass mixing vessel. You can use a shot glass; it works well.
  • Put 1 ml or about 35 drops EJ Mix formula to the vessel
  • Place the mixing glass vessel in the microwave for about 10 seconds
  • Now stir until you see the wax pieces or particles dissolve. If you are using oils with a sappy or shatter consistency, it may take you about 30 seconds. And for sugar wax or crumble, you will need to allow a couple of minutes for stirring to get the wax dissolved. 
  • Using a syringe containing a blunt tip needle, extra the infused liquid then put it in the disposable cartridge made for thick oils. Allow about 15 minutes for the oil to soak into coils or wick off the cartridge. 
  • Now you are done

These are two methods you can use when you want to turn wax to vape juice. Remember the second method makes the end product to be less potent compared to the first method. You may want to decide which method to use based on the level of potency or flavor of the finished product.

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