10 kid friendly attractions in London

Thinking of flying from Sydney to London with your kids in 2020? After all, it is not a bad idea. London is known as the most amazing family vacation destination because it offers a wide range of fun activities for kids and adults alike – museum tours, children parks, sea aquariums and much more. The attractions you want to see with your kids depends on the age of the kids and the duration you are staying in London. In this post, I have made a list of 10 kid friendly attractions that should be visited irrespective of your kid’s age on your trip to London!

  • Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory which is located in Greenwich Park, London is an observatory that was used as a center for astronomy and navigation in the early days. It is home to the Greenwich Meridian that is believed to be the center of the world. This meridian gave the name for the Greenwich Mean Time which is commonly known as GMT. Today, the Royal Observatory Museum belongs to the cluster of Royal Museums Greenwich along with the National Maritime Museum, the Queen’s House and Cutty Sark. Your kid can know more about the history of GMT and have a journey through the outer space in ROG’s planetarium. Some of tours that are available: Moons Beyond Counting, The Sky Tonight Live, Meet the Neighbors, Morning Stars Planetarium Show and a special under 7 kids show known as Ted’s Space Adventure.

  • V&A Museum of Childhood

V&A Museum of Childhood is a branch of V&A group of museums in London, and it houses the world’s largest collection of toys! The collection of V&A Museum of Childhood has over 25,000 objects that dates from year 1600 to the present day, 2020. You and your kid can both go back to the childhood days- see the doll houses, collection of games & puzzles, kid’s furniture, children costumes and much more. Don’t forget to check out the oldest rocking horse in Britain, the sculptural doll houses of Rachel Whiteread and the archive collection of Donne Buck that shows the origin stories of adventure playgrounds all over Great Britain.

  • Sea Life London Aquarium

The Sea Life London Aquarium which is located near the world-famous London eye, houses the largest collection of marine life in the European Continent. Enter the underwater world- enjoy it through a walkaway tunnel, feed the stingrays, marvel at the sight of seahorses, watch the sharks swimming under you in the Pacific display, see the octopuses in Atlantic Zone, watch the green turtles, blacktip reef sharks, playful Gentoo Penguins and learn more about the conservation & breeding programs taking place within the aquarium. The Sea Life London Aquarium is involved in breeding of seahorses, Cuban crocodiles, jellyfish and many other marine animals.

  • Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum in London is the best place to go with your kids to learn about natural history specimens. Within the museum there are five collections- botany, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology and zoology. These collections have over 80 million life and earth science specimens in them. Don’t forget to check out the specimens collected by Charles Darwin, the exhibition of dinosaur skeletons and Hope, the 25-meter blue whale skeleton hanging out from the museum’s ceiling. You can also see the ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ exhibition and have a dinosaur sleepover in the museum!

  • Harry Potter Studio Tour

Every kid in the world loves Harry Potter, so why not add a Harry Potter Studio Tour to make some unforgettable memories for your kid? You can watch how the film was made, walk down the Great Hall to have a feast, stroll in the Diagon Alley, visit Dumbledore’s office, enter the Forbidden Forest, walk into the Platform 9¾ like Harry did, experience the beauty of Hogwarts Express, meet Buckbeak the Hippogriff and see the costumes worn by the actual movie stars!

  • Diana Memorial Playground

The Diana Memorial Playground was made as a memorial to Princess Diana of Wales in Kensington Gardens, London. The most significant part of this playground is the wooden pirate ship on the sand which was inspired by the famous Disney movie ‘Peter Pan. Apart from swings and slides there are play areas for children with disabilities too. Your kids can play to their heart’s will, let their imagination run wild and connect with other children in this playground.

  • London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum, which is commonly known as the LT Museum is a museum that mainly showcases the history of transportation within the London city. It is located in the Covent Garden, London and is open to the public every day. The historical stories about London’s transport and exhibits- buses, trains, taxis, tubes that dates back to the 19th century up to now will surely excite your kid! 

  • Science Museum

Flying to London with a kid who is in love with science & technology? Then don’t forget to visit the Science Museum located on the Exhibition Road in South Kensington, London. It has a collection of over 300,000 items…check out the interactive galleries, Stephenson’s Rocket, Apollo 10 command module, Newcomen steam engine, Puffing Billy steam locomotive, a working model of Charles Babbage’s Difference engine and watch science documentaries in the IMAX 3D in the museum.

  • Battlesea Park Children’s Zoo

Battlesea Park Children’s Zoo is a mini zoo for kids with animals like monkeys, chipmunks, snakes, turtles, lemurs, meerkats, otters, birds and other farmyard animals. Your kid can also feed the animals, get close to them and engage in other activities like building sandcastles that are available within the Battlesea Park Children’s Zoo.

  • Children’s Park at Kew Garden

The Children’s Park at Kew Garden was created in 2019 as a part of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London. This park is designed especially for kids aged 2 to 12 years old. The park is set on the four elements that plants need to grow; earth, air, sun and water. Therefore, the four elements are separated into four gardens as earth, air, sun and water gardens. Kids can explore the beautiful landscape and start the adventure by walking through a tunnel that has scented star jasmine plants. The Children’s Park at Kew Garden is home to a 200-year-old English Oak tree, bamboo trees, Eucalyptus trees, pines, sweet chestnut trees, sunflowers, cherry trees and a pool in which the kids can control the flow of water.

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