What Strain Is Elektra?

Elektra is a hybrid between ACDC and Early Resin Berry. It has tones of citrus and pine and is considered the perfect strain for relaxation and mellow body sensation. Customers that use this strain report profoundly restful sleep. Multiple reviews of the Elektra strain refer to the benefits of deep and restful sleep. Elektra CBD is one of many hybrids used to make CBD products and a popular one due to its practical benefits.

Elektra contains more CBD than the average strain at an estimated 12% to 16% CBD. CBD from the hemp flower can provide many benefits, but can also have side effects, so it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional on how to consume CBD and hemp products safely. Many companies throughout the country are manufacturing and distributing CBD products and offering the Elektra strain. However, quality is vitally important when buying CBD products, so you want to go with the company known for its quality products and professional authority in the field.

Companies like Plain Jane pride themselves on their expertise in the field of CBD and hemp products because they are dedicated to the art of growing and utilizing CBD flower strains. The founders of Plain Jane have spent years dedicated to the hemp and CBD industry and perfecting the creation of their products based on their understanding of the flowers.

Plain Jane is committed to educating others on CBD and hemp products, how they are produced, the benefits they provide, and how they can be utilized. Their website is home to many informational articles and free guides for site visitors to read and learn more. They are also open to answering questions from potential customers regarding any of their products. Each product page has a detailed description and breakdown of what the product contains. Through their website, Plain Jane keeps customers up to date on the latest research concerning hemp and CBD flowers. They have created an online community of customers to interact and share their interests, experiences, and reviews.

Plain Jane is providing high-quality CBD flower products to over 75,000 customers across the country. Located in Oregon, they are licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and all of their flowers come from US-based family farms. They work with over 20 hemp strains, and their product lines include CBD flower, CBG flower, CBD cigarettes, and CBD joints. Plain Jain takes their business seriously and ensures they are following the best practices for the highest quality products.

Among their other innovations in the field, Plain Jane created the first low-smell CBD cigarettes. They utilized a water curing process to remove the cannabis smell, which allows the flavor of the cigarette paper to come through. Users get the taste they expect without the tobacco or nicotine. Each cigarette contains more than 70 mg of CBD. CBD cigarettes offer an alternative to smoking tobacco-based cigarettes with the bonus of relaxation, calming moods, and sound sleep.


There are many reasons people choose to use CBD and hemp products. One of which being the proven benefits it provides for people with anxiety and sleep disruption. There are many options in products to fit the unique needs of each individual. If you have concerns regarding the use of CBD or hemp products, you should consult with your healthcare professional. However, it is important o make sure your healthcare professional is up to date on the latest research and understanding of these products, their benefits, and possible side effects. If you have questions about the specific products being offered, you can contact the Plain Jane company directly through their website with inquiries.

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