5 Quick-and-Easy Fixes to Make Your Home Safer for You and Your Family

Your first priority is to keep your family safe. Understandably, you’re interested in learning some quick and easy fixes that can make your home safer for those you love. Your backyard might just be you and your family’s favorite place to swim, play, and enjoy each other’s company. However, risks are lurking around every corner. No need to worry— here are five tips to consider implementing to ensure their safety.

1. Pool Deck


Your pool is most likely a hotspot for your family during the summer months. However, as people are coming in and out of your swimming pool, water is bound to coat the deck area. This water makes your pool deck a breeding ground for serious slips and falls. It’s reported that 73% of non-fatal injuries around the pool occur in children younger than five years old. To keep your children and yourself protected from falls that can cause serious injuries, consider getting a pool deck coating from the experts at TSR Concrete Coatings. They offer concrete coatings in various styles and colors so you don’t have to compromise style for safety. Their concrete coatings are offered in slip-resistant textures so you can enjoy family pool-time without the fear of injuries.

2. Pool safety features


Unfortunately, it’s estimated by the CDC that most children of the ages 1-4 are victim to fatal drownings due to their home swimming pool. This is why it’s crucial to get some form of barrier protection around your pool. Simple fixes that take little to no time can potentially save you from this sort of tragedy. You can first install a pool fence around your swimming pool. Studies show pool fences can reduce the risk of drowning by 83%.

You can also look into installing a pool safety net. Poolguard USA has pool nets certified through the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards (ASTM). Their durable pool net can prevent children and pets from potentially falling into the pool. The net is strong enough to catch them and keep them out of the water. Another thing to have in your arsenal of safety is a pool cover. This keeps the pool completely closed off during winter months. All of these options can be quickly installed with one of their technicians so you can use your pool safely.

3. Digital monitors.


One option that is quite easy to implement is a digital monitoring system for your home. These home security systems vary in price, but many offer video surveillance with their services. This type of surveillance is a no-hassle way to keep an eye on your kids if they’re playing outside while you are inside. By having them set up to monitor the back or front yard, you can securely watch them wherever you place them.

4. Fenced in yard.


Another simple, effective option is fencing in your backyard. By adding a fence you can keep your children within the confinements of your yard. As you enjoy your adult-time on the patio finished by TSR, you can watch your kids play together with the trust that they can’t wander out of the yard onto busy streets or unknown directions.

5. Floor coatings.


TSR Concrete Coatings also offers other types of concrete coatings that can amplify the safety and style of your home. Their work doesn’t stop at the pool deck. These professionals can also coat your garage floor, basements, and patios. These floor finishes can help fix unsightly cracks that can be dangerous for small children. On top of their safety, durability, and style, concrete floors also boast many other benefits for your family. One of the most noted safety benefits is their ability to help if your child suffers from any sort of allergies or asthma. Concrete floors can’t hang on to dust, mildew, and other allergens like carpets and wood can.

Polished concrete is also resistant to wear and tear that’s common with growing children. This includes things like scratches, big spills, and messes that are bound to happen. If this wasn’t enough reason to consider TSR’s concrete, it’s also a fairly low budget fix because of its lack of constant maintenance. Last but certainly not least, concrete floors can cool and heat your home more efficiently. With all of these benefits in mind, it’s time to make the switch to concrete coated flooring. Give the experts at TSR a call for your free estimate on any of their services.

It’s a wise move to add some of these safety measures to your home. This way you can do everything in your power to ensure your children and all loved ones remain safe together. Whether you need concrete work for your deck, patio, garage, or basement, the experts at TSR will do a great job achieving the quality and safety levels you expect. When it comes to pool-time, get all of your precautionary fences and nets so you can enjoy your time and have peace of mind.

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