From a Sparkle to a Burn: 9 Fireworks Safety Tips

Fireworks displays are extravagant and draw in vast crowds during the holidays. People also use fireworks at home to create their own displays. Individuals without extensive knowledge of how to use fireworks safely could place others at risk. Reviewing 9 fireworks safety tips shows everyone how to avoid personal injuries and prevent property damage.

1. Make Sure Your Purchase is Legal

A prevailing problem is a failure to keep track of what fireworks are illegal in the individual’s area. If a victim seeks compensation for fireworks-related injuries, their case could be dismissed if the fireworks they used were illegal in their area. Without a proper license to sell the fireworks, the provider, however, could face liabilities if someone becomes injured by using fireworks they sold illegally. After sustaining a fireworks-related injury, victims contact personal injury attorneys for further guidance.

2. Keep All Fireworks from Children

While sparklers are fun, manufacturers instruct parents to keep all fireworks away from children. As sparklers burn, they send small sparks of fire that while they are pretty, the sparks could burn an individual and could start their clothing on fire. If the sparklers malfunction, they could explode in a child’s hand.

3. Use the Fireworks in Spacious Area Outside

When choosing a place to set off fireworks, individuals must choose areas that are spacious. The space should be away from the property and automobiles. Smoke emits from fireworks and could present a hazard, too.

4. Move Away After You Light Them

Keeping a safe distance from the fireworks prevents anyone from becoming injured. One person should light the fireworks and move quickly away after the fuse is lit, and everyone else should stay at least 10 feet from the engaged fireworks.

5. Keep All Pets Away from Fireworks

It’s important to keep pets away from all fireworks. Manufacturers recommend keeping pets indoors when setting off fireworks. Not only are the fireworks dangerous to the pet’s health, but sudden noise from the fireworks could lead to aggressive behavior because of fear or anxiety.

6. If It Didn’t Light the First Time

Duds are any fireworks that fail to work after the fuse is lit. The manufacturer’s instructions recommend disposing of the duds and refraining from attempting to relight them. A dud could engage and explode in the individual’s face.

7. Dispose of Used Fireworks Safely

Let the used fireworks remain on the dirt for at least 20 minutes to cool down completely. Next, dip them in water and ensure the fireworks are saturated completely before placing them in an outside garbage receptacle.

8. Never Point Fireworks at Anyone

Pointing any fireworks at anyone is dangerous, and the individual could face criminal charges and a civil lawsuit if the target becomes injured. They classify all fireworks as explosives and could cause a loss of limb, organ function, or kill the individual.

9. Keep a Fire Extinguisher Nearby

A fire extinguisher must be placed nearby just in case of a fire when using the fireworks. It could prevent a house fire and prevent surrounding properties from becoming damaged.

Fireworks are beautiful and exciting for anyone during the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve. However, they can present serious injuries and property damage. It is vital for everyone to follow safety protocols to lower risks and keep everyone safer. Reviewing safety tips for using fireworks keeps everyone circumspect when using the explosives.

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