Rewiring Your Brain: Does Reading a Lot Make You Smarter?

Reading a book is never a waste of time. Poetic pieces, educational materials, novels, and magazines can fundamentally transform the reader’s life. Reading books is undoubtedly essential for everyone, but does it make a person smarter? The answer is yes. By continually reading, you become intellectually sharper, making you smarter than your equals. Here are the seven ways reading books can make you smarter.

Improves Memory

Reading activates the hippocampus of the brain, which is responsible for memory and learning. The activity stimulates the brain and keeps it engaged, which boosts your memory. If you find an ebook to read, you will always challenge your mind to remember previous events, keeping the brain in a healthy state.

Keeps the Mind Focused

Distractions are endless in the modern era. On your right are people telling you all kinds of theories about life. When you turn to the left, you find unending advertisements whose purpose is to influence your mind. Additionally, social media is no better since it is full of unnecessary brain distractions. However, reading a book maintains your concentration levels and keeps your brain focused.

Improves Emotional Processing and Decision Making

Reading many books broadens one’s knowledge base. You are adequately informed about general things around you when you become a habitual reader, which enhances analytical and creative skills. Ultimately, reading will sharpen your decision-making skills.

Improves Verbal Skills and Vocabulary

Like other aspects of life, languages keep evolving. Linguistic experts are continually developing better language expressions. The best way to discover new developments in a language is by reading lots of literature. Besides that, reading books expands your vocabulary knowledge. The more you read books or other materials, the more you encounter new terms you can use to fortify your verbal skills.

Exercises the Mind, Slowing Down Mental Aging

Reading is an exercise for the brain. The mind is maintained in a healthy state through constant reading. Exposure to creative ideas, abstract images, philosophical thoughts, and metaphors enable the brain to stay active. Reading distracts the mind from negative thoughts, which protects the brain from degrading elements such as stress. Therefore, reading is an excellent way of keeping the mind young and healthy.

Builds the Brain Muscle

You need to train your body regularly if you want it to remain healthy, which also applies to your brain. When reading substantial materials, you fill your mind with information. The effect can be felt many days after finishing reading a piece of literature. During this time, your intellectual and comprehension skills are at their highest level. You may boost your mental capacity by reading frequently.

Better Writing Skills

Reading exposes you to diverse writing techniques. Moreover, it broadens your understanding of various writing genres. You can adapt and apply these techniques in your writing ventures. Reading is more important for authors, bloggers, and language teachers who want to hone their writing skills.

Reading has immense benefits for people of all ages. By reading frequently, you will improve your intellectual and mental health. Therefore, it is correct to state that reading rewires the brain and makes the reader smarter. So, grab an ebook or a novel from your local library and make reading your favorite pastime. You can also join a reading club to motivate you in the process.

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