Basic Escort Etiquette: How do you Behave Around an Escort?

If it is your first time inviting an escort, then you have probably wondered a lot about what is expected of you. Because you will be enjoying the company of a lady trained to be perfect in most ways, the pressure is understandable. Also, depending on how the night goes, you may want a second or third date, making it vital that you work on that first impression. So how do you carry yourself around an escort? Below are a few simple etiquettes you should know and apply when on a date with high class escorts Berlin.

Be Well-Kempt

Although you will be paying for the services, treating your escort as a real date is always a great move. Nobody would turn up for a date without having taken a shower or with a dragon’s breath. Make a point of washing your hair, pressing your clothes and wearing some sexy cologne. If you didn’t know, ladies are particularly fond of stylish, well-groomed and nice-smelling men

Observe Time

Apart from maximizing the time you will spend with high class escorts Berlin; keeping time is good manners, and manners make a gentleman. It also shows a level of respect for your escort’s trade as the date is an appointment to her, and no one wants a client showing up an hour after the agreed time. Small acts of consideration such as these are sure to encourage your escort to give you special treatment.

Be Honest About Your Expectations

One of the best things about getting an escort is that you decide what she looks like, her personality, and the activities you will be engaging in. You should, however, not assume that she automatically knows how far you intend to take the date. Unagreed or uncalled for requests could come off as ill-mannered or at worst, threatening. Make a point of stating exactly what your expectations are before the date will help you know the limits of where you are allowed to venture.

Prepare for Conversation

Try as much as you can to avoid awkward silences on a date. While your escort is experienced in starting and holding conversations easily, you should at least make a point of meeting her in the middle. If you feel you are not very good at conversations, you could research some simple conversation tips to keep things from getting boring. Answer and ask questions, and try not to fall into the rabbit hole of ranting on about your awesomeness.

Avoid Personal Questions

Although asking questions is a good way to avoid lulls in the conversation, be mindful not to overly pry. The escort is there primarily to give you company and pleasure, and asking personal questions may feel like you are getting too nosy. You do not want to make your date feel like you are judging her work and life. Keep questions relevant to the activities of the date, interesting topics, and other neutral topics that are not too personal. You could ask about your expectation to know all the do’s and don’ts of the situation.

Do not Get Hammered

Unless you have informed the escort that you intend to get drunk, doing so could create a bad impression and could leave the two of you in a slippery situation. Also, if both of you intend to take it all the way, you want to be present for it. You don’t want to endure the frustration and shame of having to blame it on the alcohol.

Basic etiquette has its foundations in respect; not just for others, but for oneself especially. Escort clients are expected to be gentlemen, and the tips above will set you up for a successful experience with high class escorts Berlin.

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