4 Aggravating Factors That Play a Significant Role in the Severity of Drug-Related Charge

Any situation in which a person is charged with a drug-related crime, whether it is possession, manufacturing, distribution, or selling, will most likely result in severe penalties for the individual. At the time the person is charged, the outcome could be so severe that the person does not need to waste time and must seek out legal advice from a professional. This article will deal with four factors that are aggravated in a drug-related issue that may lead to severe penalties. If the person can maintain awareness of these things, he or she might be able to escape with minimal punishment related to a drug-related charge.

Looking at Drug-related Charges

Selling drugs and otherwise participating in the trafficking of the product will lead to severe penalties if the person is convicted of the charge. Aric Cramer is an attorney in Utah that helps clients who are facing various kinds of drug charges and wants the clients to understand the harsh outcomes they face. Circumstances that will make a drug charge worse range from the quantity of the drugs involved to the type or schedule the drug is found or whether the drug crime is a state crime or federal crime. The factors that could aggravate the drug charges even further are discussed next.

Factors That Aggravate a Drug-related Charge

The recognition of aggravating factors in a drug-related case or any crime depends upon the factor and the jurisdiction in which the drug crime occurred. One of the things that will cause a drug case to become aggravated is the person’s past history of being charged and convicted of a drug crime. Another factor that will cause a drug crime to be aggravated is if the drug crime was committed in the presence of minors or with minors involved in the incident. With a minor being involved, the charged person should not expect any leniency from the courts.

More Factors That Aggravate Drug-related Charges

It is obvious that a drug crime that is classified as a felony charge is going to be more severe than a misdemeanor charge. A third factor that may lead to aggravated charges in drug crimes is the possession of the drug or distribution in a public setting, such as on a bus, train, or at a shopping mall. A fourth factor that will surely cause the arrested person to get an aggravated charge is possession, sale, or distribution of the drug in a school zone, at a school bus stop, or anywhere in the vicinity of a school.

Final Thoughts About Aggravated Drug-related Charges

A drug charge can become more complex in a courtroom battle, especially if the district attorney is bent on pushing the case to the limit. The person who has a drug-related charge lodged against him or her needs to secure a competent attorney who has a proven track record litigating cases involving drug crimes. Having the right attorney could mean the difference between walking the streets free and getting a record that could follow the person for a long time. At the very least, a competent attorney could get the person’s drug charge reduced to a lesser charge, which may help the person save his or her job or reputation.

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