5 Popular Road Trips In Hyderabad

Are you stranded on finding the best destination to go for a road trip in Hyderabad? This city for being the capital of Telangana state, is renowned to be the best tourist destination for traveling and road trip vacations and this article is meant to make your trip hassle free. 

There are a number of road trip options available in this ancient city including historical monuments, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, historic temples, lavish shopping malls and fantastic roadside eateries where you can go. 

A road trip to any of these destinations not only helps one unwind on a nice holiday but also makes for a wonderful learning experience.

However, before you take a Delhi to Hyderabad flight, ensure that you check out some safe travel tips for adults.

Let’s get started;

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary


If you are wondering as to where the best places to go for road trips in Hyderabad are then the first stop would be in the Pocharam wildlife sanctuary. This park is one of the most visited destinations for tourists in the whole of India as it is a home to rare birds like the black-necked stilt, Indian Pitta, masked dolphin and many more. 

Also, you’ll love to see the many species of animals that reside in this sanctuary like Sloth Bear, Nilgai, Cheetah, Chinkara, Wild Boar, Chowsingha, Panther, Jackal, and Hyena. 

Surely, this park also provides tourists a wonderful opportunity to have a close encounter with jungle and waters, which is a great learning point for the tourists who come here for vacations.

Rachakonda Fort


The amazing Road Trip to Rachakonda is a must do trip for all those interested in ancient history, nature, and culture. 

The fort of Rachakonda was built by the former ruler of Hyderabad, at the time of his prosperity he had constructed this fort to mark his position as the supreme power in the state. The fort stands on the bank of the river Yamuna. The place has several interesting monuments and archaeological remains like temples and historical buildings.

This place has a number of attractive points to offer to tourists. One of the best attractions of this place is the fortress that stands proudly on the river Yamuna. The visit to this place is incomplete without paying a visit to the Birla Temple here. The temple offers you the chance to see some sculptures created by renowned artists in Rachakonda. You can also try a trek to the hill tops located near the temple complex to enjoy the greenery of the region.

Jurala Dam


Jurala Dam (Indira Priyadarshini) project located 167Km from Hyderabad is another destination you can explore.

The construction of the Jurala dam took place in 1995, along river Krishna. It happens to be one of the largest full reservoirs in this place -around 1045-feet. A length of around 1 km and a height 27.80 metres is enough amazement for your eyes.

I’ve included it to this list because apart from the dam, you can find some time and visit a Deer Park located about 1½ kilometer from the reservoir. This Deer park has about 100 deers. 

Also, adding a hint of spirituality to your tour, you can dash to the Ramalayam and Parthasaradhi Temple a few meters away from the Jurala Dam.

Botanical Garden

The other best places to go for road trips in Hyderabad would be the Botanical Garden, which is located near the Banjara Hills. There are different kinds of flowers growing here, which are very rare and exotic. The Hitech Valley is a green valley that is home to different bird species and small animals. There are many hotels in the valley, which will allow you to stay in comfort.

Expert Tip: 

Renting a car is one of the best ways to explore the region. A car is a must-have when you are going on any of your road trips in Hyderabad. You can explore various interesting places on foot, cycle, horseback, or can take a taxi ride to reach your destination. Also remember to book your accommodation as early as possible to avoid last-minute rush and get your room ready before you leave for your tour.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking forward to having some unforgettable and exciting holidays in Hyderabad, then the above road trip destinations are the best places to go. However, such road trips cost a fortune but these five tips can be valuable to helping you slash some expense when traveling

All in all, these destinations provide you with a unique way of learning and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles. They are perfect if you are looking to discover new things and places and also make new friends.

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