5 Things to Check Before Selling Guns in Ohio

When dealing with firearms, you must comply with state and federal regulations to stay out of trouble. Ohio, too, has gun laws that touch upon the purchase, sale, and transfer of firearms. 

Knowing how to sell guns in Ohio equips you to legally trade even though you do not need a license or permit to possess a firearm. It is illegal to sell a prohibited firearm plus the following categories disqualify an individual from owning a weapon in this state:

  • Being underage (rifles and shotguns can be sold to those 18 years and above, while for handguns, the age criteria is 21 years)
  • An illegal alien
  • A convicted felon
  • Mentally incompetent
  • A chronic alcoholic or addicted to drugs

Ohio residents can purchase a weapon either from a certified firearm dealer, at a gun show, or buy it from a private individual. In the latter case, both the gun and the individual selling it should be legally authorized to enter into such a deal.

Important Considerations

Before you sell your gun in Ohio, establish the listed five essential aspects and then proceed:

Legal Purchase

The firearm you intend to sell, if not legally purchased, can land you in a mess. Whether the said purchase was made from an arms dealer or a private individual, both the seller and buyer should be legally permitted to possess the gun. 

It must be established clearly that the dealer in question carried out a background check of the purchasing party. If either of the parties involved were defaulters, state authorities consider the initial purchase illegal.

Non-Prohibited Weapon 

It is permissible by law to carry a firearm in Ohio without a valid permit openly but, a concealed handgun demands a license. The law makes exceptions for those whose job demands they have a weapon in their possession. 

An automatic firearm is a prohibited weapon, so make sure your gun does not belong to this category unless you are legally authorized to possess one. 

Buyer Is Of Legal Age

Review the existing state gun laws to have full clarity on how to sell guns within Ohio. You cannot afford to take the person at face value so check valid proof to establish the buyer is of legal age to purchase the said weapon.

In addition to the age factor, they must also be legally permitted to buy a gun in Ohio. A convicted felon, drug addict, alcoholic, and mentally unstable individuals are not authorized to own firearms.

Taking the Legal Route

You cannot get rid of an unwanted gun by selling it through sites that accept second-hand goods. One wrong move can prove disastrous in the case of firearms, so refrain from transacting on unauthorized sites. Instead, stick to licensed dealers who offer secure payment modes.

Conforming to Transportation Norms

Even if your weapon is not loaded, it needs to be placed in a secure container and then transported in your private vehicle. At all times, you must keep a close watch on the gun but if you have apprehensions, avoid transporting it yourself.

Reach out to a specialist arms dealer who strictly abides by Ohio firearm regulations and safeguards your interests.

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