The Joy of Freedom: How to Retain Your Independence Well Into the Old Age

Many people worry that as they age they may start to lose their independence. No one wants to be a burden to their loved ones, so it’s smart to look into ways to keep that independence now. Thankfully, there are some things people can do now to help keep their independence as they age.

Set a Housing Plan

First, people need to make a realistic housing plan so everyone is on the same page. Some people choose to stay in their homes, while others look forward to moving into senior independent living complexes, apartments, and villas. Set a goal for housing arrangements, and let loved ones know the plan.

Get Active

When it comes to mobility, if a person doesn’t use it they will likely lose it. Those wanting to retain their independence should be active. Find an activity that fun and gets everyone moving. Activities to consider include walking the dog around the neighborhood, swimming, riding a bike, or anything else that gets a person off the couch and moving their body.

Not only can staying active help keep the body healthy, but it’s also great for the mind. Regular exercise can lower the risk of getting a chronic disease, help prevent a physical disability, and minimize the potential of memory loss. According to experts, physical activity can even help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Eat Healthy Foods

Those that want to stay healthy should pay attention to what goes into their body. Food is fuel for the body, so make sure the right type of fuel is being consumed. Food is also a good way to get in those necessary vitamins and minerals.

Not sure where to start? Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is always a good idea, as is eating lean proteins. Those with diabetes or special dietary concerns should ask their doctor or nutritionist for a personalized healthy meal plan.

Stay Social

Staying social is important for retaining independence. When making that housing plan, make sure that one is planning to live in a place where they can still be social. This is why many people choose to live in senior retirement communities and apartments. They want to keep their independence and have many social opportunities.

What are the benefits of staying social as an elder? Being with others, having friends, and participating in social activities can help ward off elder depression. Being social also helps keep the mind sharp and increases longevity.

Stay Positive

An important aspect of retaining independence is to stay positive. Aging is a blessing, as it allows a person the time to watch their children and grandchildren grow and flourish. Having a positive outlook on life also makes life more enjoyable.

Staying positive is important for staying healthy. Depression can take a toll on a person, both mentally and physically. If a person wants to stay healthy and stay independent, they need to focus on a positive mindset. Getting regular exercise, eating healthy, and staying social can actually help a person stay positive.

In conclusion, the goal is for a person to stay independent as they age. The above suggestions can help a person stay healthy and reach that goal. A person needs to follow all of the suggestions above, as each is a key part of the healthy aging puzzle.

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