Safety and Confidence: Choosing the Right Holster for Your Needs Boils Down to These 7 Options.

Americans have many reasons they choose to carry a firearm. Regardless of why you carry, access to your firearm when you need it is critical. While tucking your gun into your waistband may make you feel like a detective on a TV crime drama, it is never a suitable solution for everyday carry. Holsters offer easy and safe access to your firearm. When choosing a holster, here are 7 items to consider.

Types of Holster

Before you try to choose a holster it is helpful to understand that there are two main types of holsters available on the market. Pancake and Paddle, pancake holsters are made by connecting two pieces of material, typically leather, to one another. Paddle holsters employ a shell, typically made of plastic, and attach it to a backing material. The backing material can be plastic or leather. The style of the holster may vary, there are pocket and purse holsters, belt holsters, even shoulder holsters. Regardless of the style, they will all have either a paddle or pancake type holster integrated into the design.

Holsters, Fashion or Function?

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of choosing a holster, it might be fun to explore holsters as a fashion statement. We are all used to seeing the plain hardened leather holster worn on the belts of police officers or the hard plastic models on a soldier’s tactical vest but holsters don’t have to be boring and they don’t have to be used to only carry guns. If concealed carry of a firearm is what you need, then there are companies that specialize in designing apparel and accessories that look great and are functional for the needs of your daily life whether you are working out, heading to the office, or for a night out on the town.

If you do not need to conceal carry and just like the look of a holster to carry your everyday items like cell phone or wallet, there are options at El Gato Montes that elegantly mix fashion with function.

Choosing the Right Holster

When choosing a holster for your firearm, you will want to consider the following.

·         Safety – The style of the holster means nothing if it does not secure your weapon. Holsters should hold your gun securely in place, preventing forward and backward movement unless you are intentionally drawing your weapon. They should protect the trigger and safety from accidentally being pulled or disengaged, and keep the hammer from accidentally being cocked.

·         Concealable – If you are in the military or a member of law enforcement concealing your firearm may not be a factor you need to consider, but if conceal carry is your intent, then you will want to look for a holster that meets that need. Be sure to consider the fact that you may not always wear a jacket or carry a bag. For finding the right holster to conceal carry one size might not fit all. Think about how you intend to carry most often to determine the style to start with.

·         Durability – No one wants to buy a new holster every year. Look for one that is built to last.

·         Ease of access – The style of holster is not as important as the ease with which you can access your weapon. Some holsters are easier to use than others, look for one that holds your firearm securely while also allowing you to draw quickly when needed.

·         Method of use – Thinking about how you intend to use your holster will help you determine which style will work best. A belt holster provides faster access than an ankle holster. But if you are looking for a way to carry a backup firearm, then an ankle holster may be the best choice.

Choosing the right holster doesn’t have to be a chore. If you keep the type of holster, safety, conceal-ability, accessibility, durability, method of use, and whether you want fashion, function, or both in mind you will no doubt find a comfortable option that will serve you well.

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