7 Tips for Organizing an Outdoor Marriage of a Lifetime

Unless someone chooses to renew their vows or get remarried, a wedding is commonly a one-time event. If a couple only gets to get married one time, it’s important to make it memorable. The following article will cover seven ideas for organizing an amazing outdoor wedding.

Tip One: Plan for Rain With a Tent

Many times, the wedding date is booked months or even years in advance. With an outdoor wedding, couples should always prepare for rain or shine. Do so by booking a wedding tent. This will keep guests dry and happy even if it is stormy outside.

Tip Two: Have Umbrellas Handy for Sun and Rain

Umbrellas are not only great for rain, but they look adorable in photos too. Umbrella can keep guests from getting too much sun, and they can protect guests from the rain. Consider hanging them all around the outdoor space as decoration, as photo props, and for functionality.

Tip Three: Plan Ahead With Generators

It is smart to have generators handy at a wedding. The DJ booth, the lighting, fans, and so on can take a lot of power. Smart couples plan ahead and have generators handy so their magical day stays magical in the event of a power failure. If the wedding will last all afternoon and evening, it’s also a good idea to provide a place for guests to charge their smartphones.

Tip Four: Make Lighting Magical

Want a stunning and magical wedding? Consider twinkle lights. They are romantic, simple, and affordable. They also go with any wedding theme, and they look amazing in photos.

Also, take note of the color of the bulbs. Some bulbs are softer than others, and the lighting will affect the photos. Bulbs also come in different shades of bright white and yellow. Some people choose to have colored twinkle lights to fit their theme.

Tip Five: Use Nature in Your Theme

When having an outdoor wedding, consider using the setting as your theme. If there is a big, beautiful tree at the wedding location, bring that into the theme. One can also use the colors in the area as the colors for the wedding.

If there will be flowers in the outdoor setting, consider using the sample type and color of flowers in the wedding. These flowers can be used in bouquets, decorations, and table settings. This is a great way to make decorating easy, as the flowers that are already there become part of the wedding.

Tip Six: Keep It Simple

If the wedding is outdoors, consider keeping things simple. The happy couple will have enough to worry about on their special day, so there is no reason to add to the stress. Skip the seating charts and table arrangements and, instead, let guests seat themselves. The less one micromanages, the less stress they will have.

Tip Seven: Do Not Forget Restrooms and Handwashing Stations

With an indoor wedding, it is important to have a plan for restrooms and handwashing. Consider ordering mobile potties and sinks and placing them close to the party. One indoor toilet may not cut it. Guests all need a place to wash their hands before they enjoy cake and food.

In conclusion, the seven tips above will help anyone have an outdoor wedding full of lasting memories. Outdoor weddings can be classic, simple, and beautiful. If planned correctly, they do not have to be stressful or stuffy.

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