What is Index Now API and is your SEO agency using it? – Latest in SEO!

If you are planning to sleep today with an easy heart that you have grabbed all that is in SEO, then don’t! Because the next morning you’ll wake up dejected. There will be another update in the field of SEO, just as any other day. It is a constant evolution that the internet loves. And now, this love for evolution has called for a new update in the field of SEO – IndexNow API. Perfect Link Building, SEO Agency Sydney Australia, says that this update is thought to be an attempt at reducing the carbon footprints and help provide pace to the indexing. If you don’t love taking these technicalities by yourself, Otherwise, read below to know what this IndeNow API is.

IndexNow API and SEO!

So, what used to happen till on the servers to crawl the pages that have been added or updated on websites? Search Engines had their bots that would go and search the servers for changes made. For example, Google has GoogleBot. Its work was to reach websites time after time to index the latest content. But there was an issue with this.

The issue with traditional methods of indexing!

Suppose a search engine is a librarian. People reach this librarian to ask many things about many books and issues. For this, the librarian stays updated to where the books are and what the content is in those books. So when a visitor visits this librarian to ask, “Why do mangoes have yellow color Sir?”, the librarian knows which book to seek.

But then, knowledge is something that keeps on updating every microsecond. So this librarian had to go every morning and night to look for the updated content in the library. It helped him index the updated pages and content in his knowledge. But it took a lot of resources. To do all this work, the librarian was using a lot of energy. Perfect Link Building, SEO Agency Sydney Australia, says that the issue was the same in the case of search engines and their indexing procedures.

Almost all the search engines have an algorithmic bot that would crawl the pages and content on the internet. This is a lot of work to do and requires a huge amount of resources. Why? Because of these –

  • Almost 2,50,000 new websites get created everyday.
  • There are around 1.20 billion websites in the world at the present date.

Lots of work to do regarding indexing. This is the reason that many websites get left out from being indexed. These websites then submit SiteMap by themselves or by hiring a link building SEO agency.

The solution for the traditional crawling / indexing methods – IndexNow API!

The solution was to create an application interface that would tell the search engines directly when a page is created, updated, or deleted. We call this solution IndexNow API. Now, what is IndexNow API?

Now, consider the example of the librarian we have discussed above. Traditionally, the librarian had to go and surf through the complete library to look for changes. Now, using modern methods, the books will come and notify the librarian about the changes made. You are now not pulling the information from books, books are pushing information into you. A huge amount of resources saved.

IndexNow API is a third-party protocol that websites and search engines use. Bing and Yandex were already using it. And now Google has started to use it too. When a website integrated with IndexNow API makes changes in a website, the API software pushes this information directly into the search engines and notifies them about the changes. This helped both –

  • The search engine crawlers will have to work less. This will save a huge amount of energy wasted in servers and other resources like power.
  • The websites won’t have to worry if their content has been indeed or not.

Ask your SEO agency if they use IndexNow API !

Indexation is something that can spill grease over all your efforts. If your website is not crawled by time, you might fall back in this competition. If you want to do this by yourself, then there are some tutorials available online. For Google, you can check the “Indexing API quickstart” guide. But know that the website must be optimized cleanly or you might get left with an unindexed website. Says Perfect Link Building , SEO Agency (Sydney Australia) must be sought in case you hold no technical knowledge of how indexing works.

  • In case of Bing and Yandex or other Search Engines, download their API keys from their relevant platforms. There are plugins available too.
  • Then you need to upload the downloaded text file into your root server.
  • And then you need to submit the URLs that you have added, deleted, or changed, with appropriate tags to these search engines.

Websites have slowly started to integrate this IndexNow platform alongside the CLoudFlare network. This is something that was due for a long.

Why is IndexNow API needed?

When it comes to humanity, we consume a huge amount of resources on this Earth. Considering the load and the carbon emission that is on a rise, a solution was sought for. The internet already limited the use of resources, but then there was still more space. When we talk of carbon footprints, we talk of how much negative impact do our steps make on this planet. Regular crawling was using huge amounts of resources on servers because it was going through all the servers by itself. But now, this problem seems to have been nearly resolved using the solution of IndexNow API. This will now give rest to these busy crawlers.

Furthermore, another advantage of this is that your content will get immediately updated on the servers. This will give you a great chance to get ahead of your competitors. Considering how much impact it makes on a business, it becomes necessary to get as early as possible for IndexNow.

Ask your SEO agency, says Perfect Link Building (SEO Agency Sydney Australia), or look for one that holds expertise around you. It is time you look ahead towards the future. Check out their packages – https://perfectlinkbuilding.com/au/packages/ if you have any plans to nourish your website with what is required in this www, which we call World Wild Web.