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Nixon Watch Preview 2013

  While the world famous Nixon brand is much more than a watch company, millions of fans/consumers are constantly being taunted by what new designs or retro come-backs the Nixon watch gods drop on us next. This past year brought us the popular champagne gold color way,  increased the canvas band selection and introduced the… Read more »

Boats ‘N Clothes

Boats 'N Clothes

  Started from the bottom now Nick “Diamond” Tershay is here.  Establishing the company Diamond Supply Company in 1998 took the skater from grinding on rails in the park to grinding on models with Kanye West in New York penthouses. Tershay flooded the skate scene with his up and coming brand at major skate league… Read more »

Relive the 90s in 10 Minutes


  Whether 90s nostalgia or 90s cringe comes to mind, the decade covered a lot of ground for all of us. Now the latest viral video to hit the Internet allows us to relive the splendor that was the decade of Backstreet Boys and Saved By The Bell, a virtual whirlwind of neon and greasy… Read more »

Tattoo Worship: Thomas Hooper

Thomas Hooper is one of the most revered tattoo artists practicing today, with inspiration coming from mathematical patterns to religious icons–Hooper has made a name for himself in the art world. He currently tattoos at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn New York, and asks that if you wish to get an appointment you contact him there…. Read more »

The Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness

Are you still holding out for Ron Swanson to be your personal life coach? You’re one step closer with the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. A devout Swanson places honor above all else, pays particularly close attention to their haircut and sustains the body off a steady supply of beef. Show your love for Parks and… Read more »

Artist Worship: MxM Tattoo

Mxm tattoo: new work from Maxime or “MxM” has been in high demand in the tattoo world recently. A true jet setter, it’s nearly impossible to get an appointment with him, he works out of three different shops located in Lausanne, London, and Brooklyn–no big deal right? Much of his work features dark  themes with extreme… Read more »