Diplo Presents Trap Hawk Down

Diplo Presents
Trap Hawk GET DOWN!

Earlier this year, mastermind producer and DJ Diplo embarked on a four-city tour with stops in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlantic City and New York City as part of his Smoothie Wolf sponsored “Trap Hawk Down.” Now, four cities isn’t much for one tour… unless all four shows are ON THE SAME DAY! Starting at 6PM in Baltimore and ending with his last show at 3:30AM in New York City, Diplo blew audiences and fans away, allowing girls (and guys if you’re into that) to twerk and express themselves all across the East coast.

“Diplo Presents Trap Hawk Down” is a seven minute documentary giving viewers an inside look at the extravagant life of one of the hardest working producer/DJ’s in the game right now as he leaves each gig to hop into a sleek, black, private helicopter and travel to the next city. By the end of the video it’s hard to appreciate Diplo’s dedication to performance.

Favorite line: “…they had CRAZY butts. Their butts were like made in a laboratory… like someone put them together on a Google Butt App.”



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