At Least One Person Thinks McDonald’s McDouble is Good For You

mcdouble freakanomics blog

According to a blogger from Freakonomics, McDonald’s McDouble is the “cheapest, most nutritious and bountiful food that has ever existed in human history.” This is great news but we’re less willing to believe it applies to us as we’re prone to adding ‘mac sauce’  to our McDoubles. Try it — it’ll change your life.

mcdouble freakanomics blog

So is there any actual science behind this? Sort of. The McDouble touts 390 calories, amounting to half a daily serving of protein, 7% of the recommended daily fiber and 20% of necessary iron. Oh, and your average McDouble runs you just over $1 — that’s not just just diet conscious, that’s economically sound.

All right, so many the McDouble isn’t exactly nutritious for you as much as it contains some nutritional value. But then again so does a salad drowning in a sea of creamy buttermilk ranch. The main argument being made in the case of the McDouble — apart from its cheesy, beefy deliciousness — is it’s way cheaper than splurging for organic substitutes.  Who are you trying to impress anyway?

If you can afford to take a break from being overly healthy throughout your week, maybe the guilt ridden trek to McDonald’s isn’t such a bad thing after all. Just make sure you grab enough McDoubles


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