Kubo: A New Delivery Method


If you live in a big city like Los Angeles, Chicago or New York getting around the city can be tough. Affordable parking is nearly impossible to come by but getting even essential items from A to B can require renting a truck, bugging a friend, or lugging your goods on public transit.

Introducing the Kubo Scooter from Lit Motors. Lit Motors is well known for their eco-friendly transportation device the C-1 which runs on electricity and works with a three wheel structure. The Kubo is an electric scooter with the storage capability of carrying a 22 x 22 inch box and up to 300 lbs. Additionally, the scooter folds up to half of it’s size for easy storage and parking. Imagine skipping the wait for pesky subways or trains by simply unfolding your scooter and zipping quickly to your destination.

The Kubo has a top speed of 45 miles-per-hour and cover up to 50 miles per charge. The scooter can be charge with any standard outlet within a couple hours and you are ready to go! Lit Motors is based in San Francisco, CA and hopes that the Kubo will be available in countries like India and China which are burdened with heavy pollution.

Lit Motors is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, and for as low as $5000 you can have your own Kubo in July of 2014

I personally would love to have pizza delivered via Kubo the next time I am craving a pie at 4 in the morning!


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