MetalPress Drink Coasters

metalpress drink coasters kickstarter

Get to know the MetalPress Drink Coasters, our favorite kickstarter in recent memory. MetalPress Drink Coasters potentially make a great gift this season for any fans out there of sleek letterpress and drinking.

For the modest goal of $3500, the project will produce some seriously classy coasters for your bachelor pad.

metalpress drink coasters kickstarter

The coasters offer a unique solution to more standard options, built from the principle that the things you pay for should last for a long time. Looking like a work of art certainly comes along as an added bonus.

The MetalPress Drink Coaster arrives with a docking station of sorts, created entirely by hand from solid hardwood. Sanded down until smooth, these docks are treated with danish oils and satin polyurethane to give it that characteristic sleekness. Each set also receive a custom made aluminum inset, an inset designed to match your coaster and optional keychain.

The wood is downright pretty as well. Options include white ash, birdseye maple, cherry, zebrawood, sapele and walnut.

As this is a Kickstarter operation, those who pledge will see some pretty cool perks.

  • $20 gets you a keychain.
  • $55 gets you 4 MetalPress coasters and a keychain.
  • $75 gets you the limited edition Kickstarter set, never produced again.
  • $85 gets you a full set of coasters with the walnut base.
  • $100 gets you whatever coaster and bases you choose.
  • $250 gets you a custom set of MetalPress coasters and bases with your choice of engravings.

Consider supporting small business and class up your joint!


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