Gatorade Great for Hangovers

Courtesy of SlamOnline.

We all know Gatorade is great for athletes. But Gatorade is also great when you are hungover. I am sure it all has crossed our mind at one time or another, how great it really tastes after having too much to drink.

I stumbled across a pretty funny thing on Reddit. There was a thread with someone requesting a mock Gatorade commercial with hungover people drinking it. I thought this would be an interesting concept.

Then someone posted an actual video of someone who had made a video just like this! It is hysterical and they really nailed it on the head.

I know that we have all been that guy in the video, craving for Gatorade after waking up from a long night out drinking. What makes it even funnier is the beginning of the commercial. I appreciated the fact that they tried to make it look like a real Gatorade commercial at first, and then they go into the hungover guy.

There really isn’t a time I can think of in my life when Gatorade didn’t come in handy. Growing up, it was always the thing I drank when I participated in sports. Then I grew up and it was the one thing I always went to after a hangover.

I find it funny that Gatorade isn’t just known for athletes. It is a college student’s necessity. I always saw people carrying a bottle of Gatorade around on campus. I am pretty sure Gatorade doesn’t really care why people drink it, just as long as they do.

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