The Onion’s ClickHole is the Best Buzzfeed Parody, Ever


If your Facebook has ever been overly saturated with Buzzfeed articles, Clickhole, the new offering from the brilliant minds of the Onion, was specifically designed for you.

Some will undoubtedly argue that Buzzfeed has finally become a parody of itself, a black hole devouring everything in its wake, ClickHole has quickly pushed for top honors. Manufacturing irreverent click bait with a distinct blend of dark humor, the site has quickly aligned itself in direct opposition to the politically correct. You’re clearly doing something right when Facebook fans are writing they no longer like your page in the comments section, daily.

Here are some of our favorite recent headlines,

  • 7 Classic ’90s Toys That Weren’t Fun Anymore After 9/11
  • This Elderly Couple Died Two Days Apart, So Why Aren’t The Police Investigating It?
  • Woman Takes One Pohot of Herself Every Day For A Week
  • Which Lion From ‘The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe’ Are You?
  • It’s Time To Stop Saying ‘Buxom Wench’
  • Stanley Tucci’s Racist Tirade: Our Take If It Ever Happened
  • 16 Incredible GIFs We Would Make If We Knew How

It’s a little unclear whether or not ClickHole will stick around long term or if the Onion is simply taking a piss. For now, enjoy the hole while it’s here.



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