Fear the Walking Dead Nails It With Season Finale



Fear the Walking Dead just wrapped up its first season on Sunday night and the season finale was amazing. It was definitely the best episode of the entire season and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

If you have not seen the finale yet and do not want it to be ruined, come back and read this after you see it. I really can’t believe how they fit so much in just a one-hour episode and they didn’t leave anything out.

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I was really impressed with how Daniel brought a giant herd of walkers (or whatever the new show is going to call them, we won’t find out until season 2) to the compound to distract the military so they could get to their loved ones in the hospital area. I have never seen a herd of walkers so big. Not even sure if I have seen a herd that big in The Walking Dead.

Luckily, the group was able to find Liza and Nick, but it wasn’t easy. After all hell broke loose, Liza was told to run for it and Nick took off with his new friend Stand. Nick and Strand got stuck in a hallway with walkers coming after them. This might have been one of the best scenes in the episode. Madison saw Nick and was trying to open the door and couldn’t. All she could see was walkers coming after her son. But then Liza shows up to the rescue with a card to help open the electronic doors. She did it in just enough time to save the two.

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Once the group all finds each other again and start to leave, Andy comes out and threatens to shoot Daniel. Instead, he shoots Ophelia. She ends up surviving and the group heads to the coast where Strand says he owns a house there.

The group gets to this gorgeous house right on the beach and are able to get some food and water and just relax for a little. Strand shows Nick that there is a boat that he calls Abigail in the ocean that he thinks the group needs to get to.

But of course the show can’t end without some tears. Liza shows Madison that she has been bit and asks Madison to end her life for her. Travis stumbles upon the two before Madison goes through it and shoots Liza for her. Everyone in the group hears the gunshot and Chris runs to his mother to find her dead. The show ends with Travis crying on the beach and Madison trying to comfort him.

Of course I am left with some questions and cannot wait for season 2 to start. Is Strand a bad guy or is he really trying to help? Is Travis finally going to get tough and do what needs to be done? How will Chris react to his mother dying? Will Tobias show up in season 2? I guess we will have to wait to find out.

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