The Best Exercises for Common Leg Injuries

Leg Injuries

Leg InjuriesMany people think that an injury will set them back in their workouts. But with the right exercises and the right mindset, you can actually use an injury as an opportunity. It is common for people to avoid working out their weakest parts, but with an injury, you may be forced to focus on those weak parts. Here are some great exercises to do after suffering from common leg injuries.


Knee & Ankle Sprains
The best exercise to do if you happen to have a knee or ankle sprain is wall sits. It is also a good idea to use the elliptical. You don’t want to move side-to-side a lot with these injuries so you want to focus on moving forward. Try to avoid basketball or train running and get your cardio from either the elliptical or even a bike. Wall sits will help strength your quads and don’t bother your knee or ankle.

Shin Splints
Shin splints are pretty common because they flare up when you use your lower body too much like doing a lot of Crossfit or long distance running. Luckily they aren’t that serious of an injury and you can still workout with them. Try to focus on weight training and when you want to get some cardio in, try swimming or biking. But remember to do your cardio in intervals. For example, go strong for 45 seconds, and then rest for 45 seconds.

Pulled Hamstring
A pulled hamstring never feels good. Definitely try to avoid any leg-based exercises. Swimming is the best form of cardio when you suffer from this injury. But remember to focus on using more of your upper body like in the breaststroke. A leg extension machine will help keep your quads strong without harming your hamstring. Of course, if your injury starts to hurt during any type of exercise, make sure to stop. You don’t want to damage anything.

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