The Best Places for Motorcycle Roadtrips!

The motorcycle road trip has become a bucket-list favorite. Letting rider and machine loose on the open road is an enduring image of freedom, adventure, and challenge.

The world is sewn together with stunning roads. However, as any biker will tell you, some roads are too spectacular to miss. Here are some of the best, along with ‘need-to-know’ tips.

Šolta, Croatia

At only 22 km long, Šolta Island offers one of the most stunning vistas in Croatia. It’s often included in the famous Dalmatian Road Trip, which takes in islands including Brać and Hvar.

Passing picturesque villages that nestle amongst razor-sharp cliffs, this trip follows the coastal road for a panoramic experience of the Adriatic. The island-based nature of the Dalmation journey breaks the route up into smaller segments, which is perfect for anyone who is using biking to help get in shape.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Known for its dramatic roads and untouched wilderness, Argentina has become a place of pilgrimage for motorbike enthusiasts. With a landscape that curves from glaciers to beaches, and from vibrant cityscapes to rural villages, this road trip is a whirlwind of sensations.

For this trip, you’ll need a decent off-road bike that can handle dirt roads, bolder-strewn gravel, and hairpin bends. If you’re getting a new bike from a private dealer, make sure that you find insurance from a company such as one sure insurance, as this is the kind of terrain where you need to know that someone’s got your back.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Often described as a biker’s paradise, seeing Morocco by motorcycle allows the badlands to unfold around you as the Mediterranean waves meet arid African desert.

Morocco is a place of intricate human spaces set against the unforgiving backdrop of the majestic Atlas Mountains. It’s where generations have come to pitch humanity against the power of the wild-west landscape, which is one of the reasons why it has a reputation for attracting the biker, alone with his mechanical steed.

Salina Island, Sicily

The land of fire and water it may be, but Salina Island has a beguiling beauty. It’s perhaps this mixture of tranquility resting atop brooding volcanoes, which thunder like an engine in the island’s heart, that calls so many bikers to its shores.

To ride in Sicily, you’ll need proof of third-party insurance. However, in return you can expect dramatic roads, ancient architecture, and the comfort of famous hospitality at the end of a long ride.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the starting point for many iconic motorcycle road trips. Known for its jaw-dropping scenery as much for its tempestuous weather, everything about biking in Thailand is about experiencing extremes.

You need an International Driving Permit to take to Thai’s tarmac arteries, and most riders prefer to fly to the island and rent a nimble scooter for taking on the crowded roads of Bangkok. Aim for November to February for the most pleasant riding conditions, although Thailand offers a memorable trip whatever the time of year.

The Peloponnese, Greece

An endearingly famous road trip, this 1282km marathon is a journey along mountain passes, wild forests, and gentle beaches. The standout feature of the Peloponnese roads is that most are nothing but pure, smooth tarmac, meaning that you can really enjoy the ride.

Closing thoughts

As long as there are open roads, there will always be the image of the rider. Solitary, focused, the evening sunlight glinting off the visor. With the growl of the engine the rider’s only companion, these road trips have roared into cultural consciousness. With so many great roads to choose from, what better way to experience the world?

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