The Ultimate Gift-Buying Guide for the Man in Your Life

Let’s face it, shopping for anyone is hard. Add to it that you might have completely different wants and needs than someone of the opposite sex, and it can seem impossible. But with a few helpful hints and tips, you’ll be able to amaze the man in your life with the perfect gift for any occasion.

Take a hobbies and interests inventory

You might think you know all his interests, but if you pay attention, there are probably a few things you’ve missed. Also, focus on what he does more than what he says. Just like you, there may be things he enjoys doing that he doesn’t even realize. For example, does he often buy coffee wherever you go? He might enjoy some cool coffee gifts, like a coffee subscription or unique mugs. Or does he hang out with his friends at the same corner bar after work? Maybe he’d enjoy a small gathering there on the weekend.

Make his gift an activity

Lots of guys would love to have a couple 50-yard line seats at the Super Bowl, but it doesn’t have to be that extravagant. You’ve already made a list of some things he likes to do, so try to think of something creative for his special day. It could be a gym membership, hockey tickets for him and a friend (or for him and you), movie tickets, or anything else that you know he’d have fun with.

Give him a gift basket

Or maybe lose the “basket” and just pile a bunch of stuff he likes in a box. This is a great idea when you can’t think of one big thing he wants or needs, but can think of a million little things that make him smile. You know all his favorites — craft beers, protein bars, shaving creams — so gather all his little favorites and wrap them up.

Choose something he wouldn’t buy for himself

The best gifts always seem to be the things you love but wouldn’t dare buy for yourself, either because of the price or the impracticality. But that’s what makes gift-giving fun. If your significant other is a hunter or has been invited on a trip, consider shopping at an hunting and outdoor store. If you’re not sure what the perfect outdoorsmen gift would be, ask his hunting buddies what he wants but won’t purchase.

Talk to his friends

Sure, you know him better than anybody, but his friends may have an insight into something he’d like that you haven’t thought of. This could be because they share similar interests, work in the same place, or have just heard him mention something in passing. It’s always a good idea to get outside opinions when you’re having trouble coming up with ideas.

Look to current “gift guides”

If all else fails, check out some current gift guides for the season. You’ll find all kinds of different guides, but to avoid being generic, search for something like “tech gifts”, “outdoor gifts”, or “gifts for guys who love sports”. Use your knowledge of his hobbies and interests to hone the search down to his particular needs and take a look at what’s trending and new.

We all know the pressure that comes with trying to find the perfect gift for someone, especially in romantic relationships. We really want to make them smile or give them something they can use, but we can’t always come up with it on our own. Do yourself a favor and enlist a friend or family member for help if you’re at a loss for ideas, and do try to have fun with the process. Chances are he’ll be happy with whatever you get him because it will come from you.

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