Riding Your Motorcycle During the Chilly Winter Months

The cold weather is here and it is only going to get worse in the next couple of months, but you shouldn’t let this stop you from riding your motorcycle. If you dress properly, prep your bike and pay attention to the weather, you will still be able to enjoy a motorcycle ride during the winter season.

Dress Accordingly

You always want to wear the proper attire when riding your motorcycle. First, always make sure to wear a helmet. If you are having a hard time finding one that fits right, search for motorcycle helmets for big heads. It is always a smart idea to wear a beanie or something underneath your helmet to keep your head warm. A scarf goes well with a armored motorcycle jacket and helps add layers. Speaking of layers, you want to dress in layers when riding your motorcycle. This way, you can take off your alpinestars riding jacket when you get to your destination. Boots are also an important item to wear when riding, especially on cold days. You might even want to wear thick socks to keep your toes extra warm. There is nothing worse than riding your bike when you feel uncomfortable, so dress for the weather!

Prep Your Bike

Motorcycles weren’t really made to ride in the cold weather, but if you prep your bike right, you can still enjoy a ride. Take into consideration adding things that will help you ride safely in the cold weather. It might not make your bike look pretty, but you will be safe. A widescreen and heated handguards are options along with wind guards to help protect you against the cold wind chill. You can also switch out your foot pegs and find ones that are fit for adventures as you never are quite sure what you may run into. When your tires get cold, they have lack of traction. To keep your tires warm, accelerate and decelerate quickly. Also, make sure the tread on your tires are in good shape and ready to go. When making your stops, do frequent tire pressure checks to ensure your tires are fit for the roads.

Be Attentive

Before heading out on your motorcycle, take a look at the weather. If it looks like a winter storm might be heading your way, stay inside and don’t take your chances. When you are on the road, look ahead for salt and black ice as you want to try to avoid these areas when on your motorcycle. Also, increase your visibility and distance between other vehicles. If the weather starts to get bad, it is best just to head on home.

If you can dress right, make sure your bike is ready to go and you pay attention to the weather, you can still enjoy a motorcycle ride even in the crisp winter weather.

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