Your Complete Online Guide on How to Look After Your Watch

There are few items of jewelry that deserve as much care and attention than your watch. Whether your watch is a simple brand or a luxurious watch, taking good care of it can extend its life and keep it looking new. The first thing to avoid when taking care of your timepiece is extreme temperatures, and temperatures that vary too quickly. Furthermore, you should avoid placing your watch in damaging environments such as water.

Once you have followed the instructions on how to clean your watch read this guide here; for winding your watch.

Use an online guide for a few basic tips on how to take care of your watch:

-Is your watch waterproof or just water-resistant?

Yes, there is a difference. Sometimes, watches can only be waterproof up to a certain depth. If your watch is water resistant, then remember to keep it away from excessive water. Being water resistant simply means that it has a low tolerance to liquid. Do not shower while wearing your water-resistant watch. If your watch has a leather strap, avoid water at all costs.

-Getting your watch serviced

Every so often, it can help to take your watch into a watch specialist. This, however, is only really necessary if you have a luxury watch. Regular service can help prevent problems in the long run. A watch specialist will also know how to properly clean your luxury watch. If you are a sports enthusiast and you have a sports watch, then taking it in to see a professional can to ensure that it remains shocked and water resistant or waterproof.

-Avoid varying and extreme conditions

As already mentioned, avoid extreme temperatures. No matter the status of water resistance or durability, it is best to simply leave your watch outside of the sauna, steam room or out of direct sunlight while sunbathing.

-Cleaning your watch with care

For metal (gold, stainless steel or silver watch):

These metals are all durable and are common materials to use in the making of many watches, including luxurious watches. However, despite being both beautiful and durable they can become scratched and the shine can be dulled down. The only way to prevent this dulling down is to regularly clean your watch:

  1.  If you can, separate the watch face from the watch bracelet. This ensures that the right chemicals are used in the right parts.
  2.  Use a glass cleaner and a preferably a microfiber cloth (non-abrasive). Wipe down the watch and watch face.
  3.  Use the soft, dry cloth to remove remaining cleaning materials.
  4.  Reassemble the watch once it is dry.

– For leather watch straps:

Leather can show signs of aging due to exposure to our skin and dust. These factors can also cause the leather to begin to smell. Leather bracelets are not intended to last forever, but you can clean it regularly and dramatically increase its lifespan:

  1.  Using a microfiber cloth, remove dust and dirt.
  2.  Wet the cloth slightly with oil-free hand soap and lukewarm water. Wipe down the leather.
  3.  Lightly dampen a different microfiber cloth to remove remaining soap.
  4.  Allow the watch to dry naturally.

Taking good care of your watch is simple and easy. Consistent cleaning will help to extend the life of your watch.

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