Living the Life of a Happy Camper: 10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Deciding on a Travel Trailer

One of the most fundamental points about buying a travel trailer is that the money you are spending should be viewed as not merely a financial investment but a transaction that provides the opportunity to change your quality of life for the better.

When you do choose a camper and collect the keys it will be the start of an exciting adventure where you have the freedom of the open road and can open your mind to all the possibilities that this lifestyle offers.

Here is a look at some of the key points you need to consider in order to make sure you get the right travel trailer for your needs and aspirations.

Make sure you have enough room for everyone

It stands to reason that if you are traveling the country as a couple you will most likely want to buy a camper that is just the right size for the two of you, and the same logic applies if you planning on some family adventures.

One of the most important things to do when you are in the market for a travel trailer is to work out how many people are likely to be traveling with you at any one time.

That means you need enough beds and a big enough seating area to cope with the regular number in your party.

Always try to buy a vehicle that is big enough for your normal group size so that you can travel in comfort and style.

Decide what features are important to you

There are some amazing campers available and you can enjoy all sorts of hi-tech features and luxurious finishes when choosing a model, but the best tip is to try and prioritize what features are important to you and focus on those aspects in particular.

For instance, if the thing you most love to do when on a camping adventure is to fire up the BBQ outside and cook under the stars, there’s not much point spending big bucks on a high-end kitchen inside.

Make a list of what features matter to you and use that to decide which model suits your preferences rather than being dazzled by features that you could do without and don’t need to waste your budget on.

Don’t rush to buy the first one you see

You might be fired up with excitement about the prospect of a new chapter of adventures on the road but it often pays to keep your cool and be prepared to wait for exactly the right travel trailer to come your way that fits the bill perfectly.

Let your budget be your guide

It is very easy to get carried away when you see the range of models and options available but, as with any major purchasing decision, it is a always wise move to decide on a budget before you go shopping and have the discipline to stick within that max figure.

By having a firm budget in mind this should help narrow down your choices and should make choosing a trailer easier.

Make sure your auto is up to the task

Another crucial factor that you need to consider is what the towing capacity of your vehicle is.

It would be an expensive mistake to buy a trailer that is not compatible with your vehicle and it will make your task of towing much harder if you don’t check what the towing capacity is and line up a trailer that is within that weight range.

Think about the the trailer style you want

If weight and budget are two valid concerns there is no need to feel you can’t join in the camping fun and there is always a lightweight option if needed.

If you intend to be a fair-weather camper and want to travel in the summer months you could get away with a lightweight tent-style trailer, which will be easy to tow and won’t hurt your bank balance to buy.

An all-year-round solution

You can’t expect a lightweight tent-style trailer to be robust enough to cope with winter conditions so if you intend to hit the road at any time of the year it would be sensible to choose a trailer that will cope with the cold.

Look for a trailer that is insulated as this will ensure that you stay warm enough inside if you decide to travel during the winter months.

No need to tow

Towing a trailer can be a bit restricting if you are planning to go on lots of different trips and want to be able to explore each area in greater detail.

A self-contained motorized trailer will undoubtedly cost you more but this option does truly feel like you are able to enjoy the freedom of the open road with not so many restrictions.

Do you need an awning?

Buying a trailer that is big enough to cope with a large party of people could be cost-prohibitive and might push you over your budget but there is an option to deal with that dilemma.

If you get a trailer that comes with an awning attachment this allows you instantly create some extra covered sleeping space.

A bathroom will make a big difference

When you stay at a recognized campsite with your trailer there will often be facilities that you can use there such as a toilet and shower.

However, if you don’t want to be dependent on public facilities you might want to choose a trailer that has these comforts on board.

Having a trailer that offers a bathroom will allow you to stay in more remote areas without worrying about how you are going to answer the call of nature.

Other considerations that are worth mentioning when you are trying to choose the right trailer include finding one that has solar panels, so you don’t have to rely on finding an electricity source to plug into, and think about storage options too.

Camping requires a lot of gear and you want plenty of storage options that don’t cramp your style.

If you like the idea of living the life of a happy camper follow some of these pointers and you should be able to find a trailer that unlocks a whole new lifestyle for you and your family.

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