Traveling Long Distance Across the UK

If you plan on traveling across the UK by car, you want to be prepared! That means you could be driving long distances, which can take a toll on you. When driving long distances, always take the time to rest and take a break. Luckily, we found some of the top service stations in the UK to enjoy a nice break on your journey!

1. Norton Canes Services

If you are like me, driving sure makes me hungry. Especially if I have to drive for several hours. I know that I need to keep my body and mind fueled to drive safely on the road. This is why Norton Canes Services is one of my favorite service stations in all of the UK. Not only is it a nice little place to take a break from driving, but it is also a great place to get some delicious food! It really doesn’t matter what you are craving, they have an extremely wide selection of food to choose from. In addition, they have the cutest little picnic spots so that you can really take the time to enjoy your meal before hitting the road again. It is located at M6 toll J6-J7. Shops include WHSmith, SPAR and Fone Bitz, so you can even do some shopping while you are on a break!

2. Heston Westbound

Are you thinking of driving in and out of London? If so, then Heston Westbound is the service station you are going to want to become familiar with. It is located right by Heathrow Airport, so expect this place to be busy, but well worth the stop. This is another great service station if you are looking to grab a bite to eat. Now, it doesn’t have as many options as some other place, but it is such a convenient place to stop. The only issue is, it is very busy. But that just means it is a good place to stop. If you don’t mind crowds, make sure to make Heston Westbound on your spots to stop. It is located at M4 J2-J3. Eating spots at Heston Westbound includes Krispy Kreme, Burger King and Greggs.

3. Stafford Northbound

The last service station on our list is Stafford Northbound. Of course, the Midlands is going to be a spot where there are a lot of long-distance drives. If you are traveling with your family that includes kids, this service station is ideal to stop at. Not only can you grab food, but they also have a nice playground for the kids to get all of their energy out. Plus, they have some delicious coffee to give you that extra boost to get you back on your drive. Stafford Northbound is located M6 J14-J15 and shops in the area include WHSmith and M&S Simply Food. Food options include Chow and West Cornwall Pasty Co.

It is always best to take the time to relax when you are driving a lot so that you can know you are driving safely on the roads! Which service stations in the UK do you prefer? Let us know on social media using #UKServiceStations. 

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