What Are the Top Ten Characteristics of the Industry’s Most Highly Acclaimed Hotels?

The reason for a trip has a lot to do with what hotel a traveler chooses. For example, business travelers probably won’t select a family-oriented hotel. However, there are certain characteristics top hotels share. Here’s some advice on selecting a hotel.

#1 Technology

Business travelers work away from home. They need to get the job done and are concerned about hotel technology. Hotels need a fast internet connection that’s free to hotel guests. Likewise, internet connections should be secure. Further, hotels that host conferences need additional technology. A modern phone system is essential so guests can conduct conference calls.

#2 Luxury

Travelers that want luxury expect a lot. Luxury hotels offer a lot of personal care. Indeed, these hotels have more highly trained staff than other establishments. Luxury hotel accommodations include things like bed turndown and butler service.

#3 Family Atmosphere

Families need very different accommodations than luxury travelers. Basically, they’re concerned with keeping the kids entertained and happy. In addition, they may be traveling with Grandma and Grandpa. Hence, there’s got to be something for all ages. Hopefully, there are walking paths and bike trails. A swimming pool keeps children engaged for hours and they’ll be worn out afterward.

#4 Cleanliness

Everyone agrees that hotels need to be clean and germ-free. Further, all spaces need to be clean including hallway bathrooms and the lobby. The furniture should be nicely arranged and dusted. Finally, the stairways should not seem neglected.

#5 Security

The best hotels use the latest technology to keep guests secure. Key cards are secure but may soon be a thing of the past. The latest technology for hotel security is mobile cards. All areas should be brightly lit in the evening.

#6 Location

Location is everything for a traveler. The best hotels have attractions and shopping right across the street. Many travelers like to go shopping no matter where they are. Likewise, they want a variety of food choices.

#7 Complimentary Breakfast

Hotels with complimentary breakfast attract a lot of visitors. It’s just something about getting food for free. The breakfast also makes it easier for guests. They can grab food on the run rather than having to find something after leaving.

#8 Courteous Staff

The staff can make or break a hotel. The best hotels have the most courteous staff. They should be able to do their jobs and offer guests a smile. The staff should be trained in the location of local attractions. Further, let guests know about the nearest ice or snack machine.

#9 Comfortable Bed

Guests want to get a good night’s sleep, and a comfortable bed helps. The pillows should be plump, and don’t be stingy with them. Put extras in the closet along with a cozy blanket.

#10 24-Hour Room Service

The first thing many people check is whether there’s a restaurant in the hotel. They want to be sure they can get something to eat. It’s nice to have choices, and someone may get hungry at night. Make sure the restaurant stays open late.

#11 Fitness Center

Everyone’s into fitness these days. Guests want to stay in shape while they’re away from home. The fitness center should have plenty of equipment and open early in the morning. Business travelers may want to work out before a day of meetings.

Hotels are home away from home for many travelers. The goal of operators should be to make sure guests lack for nothing. Keep a smile on their faces and the visitors will recommend the facility to others.

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