3 Questions to improve Financial Service Videos

Making videos that communicate the right message to a specific target market can be difficult. Making video messages for financial services requires careful planning and thought. Video messages can have a big impact on business and brand. It is important to get it right before publishing. There should be very little margin for error. Especially in our present digital world where videos are the most popular type of media.

Answer these three questions to improve your chances of making the right video and communicating the desired message.

1) What is the message?

What image should the audience gain? What information should the viewers receive? The answers will help a good finance video company write a correct script. A profile video will introduce the company or its offerings to an audience. An explainer video will pass specific information on how to use a service or product. A testimonial video could convey reliability or strengthen a company’s name. It could also inspire a better perception of products and services. An event recap video can tell a good short story about a past event and promote the next one.

2) For whom is the message targeted?

The answer to this question is as important as knowing the message. Who is the audience? What is the target market? Where are they from? Where do they live? How much do they earn? What do they buy? How do they shop? What bills do they pay? How do they pay them?

No type of customer data is useless. Customer satisfaction follows the quality of customer relationships. No one can have a healthy relationship without information. Collecting and analysing data is an excellent way to prepare answers to these questions. With these answers, the goal is within reach. It becomes easier to deliver the right conversions and increase customer engagement. For example, an international money transfer company may want to target adult immigrants. Try to be as specific as possible at this level.

3) What is the goal of the message?

The answer to the last question provides the shortest version of a marching-order.

What is the primary intent? Is it to inform the audience? Is it to describe a service or a specific product or its feature? Is it to entertain an audience and generate more brand awareness? Is it to convince the audience to take a particular action? Is the goal to tell them a story about a past event hoping to promote the next one?

Liquona recommends providing clear answers to these questions. The answers to these types of questions will help you get the desired results from video marketing.

Today, more and more consumers are relying on videos for entertainment and information. They understand that good video messages can simplify and communicate otherwise complex ideas. They can motivate viewers to take desired actions which stimulate business success. Use these questions to steer the scriptwriting and production of a video message. It is a sure-fire way to guarantee success.

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