7 Different Ways to Enjoy Your Cannabis

Though smoking joints is perhaps the most iconic method of consuming weed, to limit one’s enjoyment only to rolling paper is to be woefully unimaginative about the types of high you can achieve. In fact, other methods of taking cannabis have been explored both in ancient times and in recent years, from the herb-infused milk drink called bhang in India to the high-tech vaporizers of today. 

There are three principal ways to get heady where it’s legal to do so: you can either inhale cannabis, ingest it, or apply products formulated with cannabis on your person. Stoke your creativity, and toke up the way you like, through any of the following methods.     

  1. Smoking a joint or a blunt. The classic way to enjoy some great-quality cannabis buds is to smoke them, either as cigarette-sized joints or as cigar-sized blunts. Either way, rolling the buds in paper allows for a smooth and crisp hit, as well a quick and predictable high. Smoking up is also commonly thought of as a highly social activity, where friends can look forward to relaxing and unwinding together.  

  2. Using a dry herb or THC oil vaporizer. On the other hand, for those who dislike the heat and strong aroma of smoked weed, or who want to avoid exposure to smoking-related carcinogens, there’s the option of using weed vape pens. The vaporizers that are currently available in the market heat either cannabis concentrates or dried buds at a controlled temperature in order to vaporize them, resulting in clean and immediate hits that are neither bitter nor strong-smelling.

  3. Smoking through ganja pipes, bowls, or bongs. Another familiar way of consuming cannabis as an inhalant is by smoking buds with paraphernalia, such as pipes, bowls, or large bongs. These appeal to traditional weed smokers who want their own receptacles, and who like being able to reuse something hardy and solid for their toking habits.

  4. Munching on cannabis edibles. Baked goods such as magic brownies and cookies, sweets like cannabidiol (CBD) gummies, and even ganja-infused pasta or popcorn now have a wide following among cannabisseurs. Edibles allow for the cannabinoids, or the active chemical compounds in cannabis, to be heated at a much lower temperature than smoked cannabis; the former is also known to achieve a more potent and longer-lasting high than the latter. Doctors warn those who are trying edibles for the first time to eat in moderation, as mileage may vary on how your body metabolizes the cannabis.

  5. Taking cannabis capsules. There’s also the option of swallowing CBD capsules, a popular strategy for those who want a hit but who also want to cut their smoking habits. It’s recommended that you consult a doctor before ingesting CBD in capsule form, however, as small dosages from these capsules can still be very powerful.

  6. Spraying CBD tinctures. Cannabis is also available in tincture form, or in spray bottles that allow you to apply a concentrated dose of CBD under your tongue. There are two great advantages to using tinctures: you only need a small amount to feel the effects, and the spray bottles are compact and discreet. They are perfect for when you want a quick hit, but don’t want to draw attention to yourself while doing so.

  7. Applying topicals formulated with cannabis. Cannabis-infused creams bring out the best of the herb’s medicinal properties, as they are demonstrated to help with pain relief and inflammation. They may also prove helpful in the treatment of a skin condition like eczema, or a joint-related illness like arthritis. 

Whichever of these methods you choose, it’s important to source any cannabis and cannabis-related paraphernalia from trustworthy sellers. Choosing a method that suits your lifestyle and preferences—as well as a source that’s worth your time and money—is the key to enjoying this magical herb!

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