Is Massage Contraindicated for Dvt?

The first thing to know is what a DVT means, which is nothing more than a deep venous thrombosis, this type of problem usually occurs and much more frequently in the leg area, either below or by above the knee. It is sporadic that it usually occurs in the upper part, such as the thigh or higher.

This type of disease or health problem may appear at any time or failing that it may be caused either by a problem with surgery, trauma, or otherwise an acute illness. It is a delicate condition that can be fatal to those who suffer from it.

The most common way to identify this health problem is through certain redness, severe leg pain with a palpitation sensation and a significant swelling.

Now comes the interesting thing about this problem and the action of massages, when you call or hire massage therapist check It is recommended that you always get an expert in the area and that has great knowledge about health, what happens if a massage therapist does not have the necessary instruction It is very simple, it does a lousy job and only causes problems.

Hiring a massage therapist is more than just calling someone who knows how to move your hands and use the appropriate lotions. It is a person who is going to deal with our body. For this reason, when selecting the most competent masseuse, it is best to be checked beforehand, not all relaxation massage works, in many cases when you get to have a delicate health condition many responsible masseuses state that it is not appropriate to perform massage.

People who have an acute inflammation condition should never have a massage session, that will only make the situation or health problem worse.

Now the most important thing is to know if a massage is counterproductive for a deep venous thrombosis. It has already been defined, and I explain a bit that it treats a deep venous thrombosis or a Dvt, now it is time to determine what can happen if a hire a massage therapist even when it is known that you have such a delicate medical condition. 

If for any reason you get to perform any action related to a massage in the area where deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is formed, this would cause the clot to be removed from where it is, even when it sounds like a good thing, it does not is. The fact that the clot stops being in the leg area only means that it will now move, and there comes the complicated part of all this.

The most common is that this clot moves to the lungs, this means that when staying in that area of the body it is very likely that you will suffer from a pulmonary embolism, thus being a hazardous and deadly condition for those who suffer from it.

Consequences of performing a massage with a DVT

If you are lucky, you will only have to have a long rest in bed until the problem dissolves, and only if you are fortunate. In the worst case, you can have a severe spinal cord injury, suffer from serious heart attacks or begin to suffer from heart failure until you get to present much more severe and fatal problems.

Any person who has thrombosis problems should be authorized by a doctor to be able to consider starting a massage session and determine what areas can be treated. In my opinion, it is not recommended that someone with this problem have some massage.

And if you consider taking that risk, the first thing is to investigate the masseuse who you are going to hire. Apart from being aware of what areas can be treated and what not. If you do not have these precautions, it is best not to take risks. Always when dealing with something related to the body, it is best to have the best tools, knowledge, and specialists. Even when a massage is considered as something simple, that does not cause any harm; in many people, it is quite the opposite.

It can only cause problems and misfortunes; in the case of deep vein thrombosis, it is the most common that happens.

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