5 Things to Keep in Mind About Your Car Transmission: Will It Need a Replacement Soon?

An automobile is a second largest investment most individuals make in their lifetime. Unfortunately, an automobile can have a major breakdown when proper maintenance isn’t performed. Take the transmission for example. Transmissions can be very expensive to replace, however, finding a used one is always an option. When a transmission is used, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be junk. A lot of owners can save money when they purchase a quality used transmission.

Most times, working with an experienced auto parts supplier like one at sircarpart.com will make the process easier. A transmission can be shipped directly to a home or the shop that is working on the vehicle. Understanding the signs of a failing transmission provides to an owner is important. In some situations, the entire transmission will not need to be replaced.

Diagnosing Car Problems

With today’s engines, it can be difficult for an owner to diagnose their vehicle problems. Mechanical problems with an automobile usually have distinct sounds that will not be created by an electrical problem. Grinding noises are a common sound an owner will hear when the transmission is failing.

Transmission fluid should be drained and replaced regularly to keep the vehicle operating at peak performance. If an owner pulls the dipstick for the transmission out and it smells burned, there’s a good chance the transmission needs to be repaired. The burning smell means the transmission is overheating. Dirty fluid can be one cause of burning transmission fluid and low or inadequate levels can be another one.

Not In Gear Noises

When a vehicle is in neutral, it should not be making grinding or whining noises. The engine should idle without these types of noises. When there’s noise in neutral, an owner should have the car checked immediately for transmission problems. Worn bearings or gears can cause the driver losing control as the transmission slips.

If an individual is driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission, the driver might feel like the car is driving in the wrong gear. The car will not shift smoothly and give the driver and occupants a jerk. If the driver attempts to speed up, the vehicle will hesitate and then take off. This can create a very dangerous situation on the highway.

Fluid Leak

A driver must look for fluid leaks under their car each time they drive it. No fluid should be leaking out of a vehicle unless it’s from the air conditioner after use. Transmission fluid is bright red and is hard to miss. If a driver sees this on the ground, they need to get it to a service shop. Some vehicles check engine light will illuminate when there’s a problem with the transmission. Warning lights should never be ignored.

A driver must be careful to refill transmission fluid with factory specified transmission fluid. When the wrong transmission fluid is put into a vehicle, it can cause major problems to the vehicle. These problems can be costly and involved the transmission and the engine.

Maintaining the transmission is easy when an owner follows the manufacturer’s recommendation. If the vehicle needs to have the transmission replaced, the owner should consider purchasing a used transmission from a reputable online company. These companies warranty the item and ship the item for free.

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