Ex Piano Players: 5 Ways to Rekindle Your Love for Music

There may come a time in the life of a career person when he or she gets burned out in the occupation of choice. This can be especially tragic for those in the music industry whose gift and occupation is playing the piano. A piano player can get burned out and it may show up in his or her playing. For example, there will be no passion in the music that is being played on the keys, and the listeners will be able to pick up on the clues that is something is missing from the piece that is being played. This article will deal with ways for musicians to re-fire their love for their instruments and bring their music back to life again. The list is not exhaustive but it will give musicians some insight on things to try to get their craft back up to speed.

Ways to Rekindle the Passion for Music

The musician should get himself or herself into a quiet place where meditation can take place. During this time, the musician can reflect upon why he or she fell in love with music in the first place. In the quiet time, it will be good to sit and wait on an answer to come, which may come at any time. Piano Movers of Texas not only is in the business of moving all types of piano, but the business wants to help music lovers rediscover their passion if they have lost their desire for the art. Have faith and patience that the muse will come back.

More Ways to Rekindle the Passion for Music

It will help the musician if he or she would learn to memorize their work so that they can pull it out of the “music portfolio” when needed. This may help the musician develop some new music, some new arrangements, or even write some jingles for a commercial. Learning to be diverse is one way to get an interest rekindled in the love of music. A concert pianist might want to change up and try to learn to play a little jazz or hip-hop. A gospel pianist may want to learn to play orchestra pieces from a musical.

Final Thoughts about Rekindling Music Passion

Being able to get the passion back for music and write something may include isolating oneself, making oneself vulnerable, and having fortitude. The creative process may come to a dead end, but with perseverance, the musician can get his or her “groove” back. The musician who wants his or her love back for the piano may find it beneficial to record himself or herself playing and then listening to see what is missing. It may be that a new idea may be birthed out of that process and bring the muse back to the music lover. There are many websites that will offer compact discs or videos that will help the musician get back to where he or she was in music or even become an even better musician. The key is to remember to practice, more practice, and even more practice until the muse returns to the musician. His or her music will then come alive and bring sounds of joy to whoever hears him or her playing. 

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