Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Any Room

Buying an apartment is already a tough job but the work just doesn’t end there. The more fun yet difficult part is to decorate a 3BHK apartment. Decorating your home can sometimes be stressful. After all, the way your home looks says a lot about the people living in it. Some people at the beginning of their home decoration journey feel like it’s going to be like a walk in the park but little do they know if interior designing is that easy, there wouldn’t be a full-time professional course on it. The impact of decoration is huge on homes as it helps determine whether the house is going to feel cosy and welcoming or cold and distant. While most reputed real estate agents in Kolkata are more focused on constructing ready to move in flats that are packed with amenities, there are some interior designing mistakes you need to avoid when decorating your home all by yourself. To know what these mistakes are, continue reading!

  • Not Having A Plan

Before you start the process of designing the interiors of your house, remember it’s going to be a long one. It is easy to forget the starting or the endpoint of it. Hence, the best way to have a systematic process of decorating your home is by first making a plan. A plan helps you get a clear idea of the theme and aesthetics you want in the house. It also helps you keep a track of the progress you’ve made in the decoration process and how much is still left to be done. A clear vision is extremely important to save both- time and money. So before going on a home decor shopping spree, divide the sections of the house and plan items per area wise to avoid chaos. This will also help you know when to hit the brakes before you start ‘over-decorating’ your place.

  • Not Respecting Your Budget

Buying an apartment is a pretty expensive investment to make so you need to be wise with your money when you start to decorate your abode. If you

are looking for places that don’t require too much work after moving in then

apartments in Orchard 126 are in pretty good shape. You won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket trying to decorate it. We all want our homes to look great, but spending too much on it is never a wise idea. When designing a room or home, set a budget based on the requirements and functions of the room. Do not underestimate your budget. Yes, that fancy dining table looks amazing, but if it’s way past the amount you’ve set to invest on a dining table, then it’s not worth it. Home decoration is fun but make sure it’s economical too.

  • Unrestricted Color Matching

Yes. Things that complement each other are great but matching everything is a little too much. You do not necessarily need to have pink curtains and pink furniture if the walls are pink. You can always play with shades or mix colours together that are contrasting to each other and also blend in together. Create a balance between textures, patterns and also shades. It helps keep things interesting.

  • Too Much Decoration

Too much decoration can have a reverse effect and hurt your eyes. Remember, you’re decorating a room and NOT a museum. You do not need everything to be interesting in your house. When there are too many attractive things in a room, it begins to look clustered and the attention gets divided, hence the motive is defeated. Too much decor can also restrict movement at home plus the maintenance of all these things can be troublesome too. There’s a thin line which separates a collector from a hoarder. It’s on you to decide which category you want to belong to. 

  • Inappropriate Sized Furniture

When picking out the furniture for your living, dining or bedroom, make sure you don’t only take the aesthetics and colour of the room into consideration but also the size. Stuffing a huge dining table in a small dining room can make the room look even more compact and it will also make it difficult to get things done. Similarly, undersized furniture can make the room appear empty. Hence, to avoid such blunders, the sensible thing to do is measure the space before choosing the right size of furniture to add in them.

  • A Lot Of Colour Usage

Letting your creative juices flow and unleashing the inner artist in you is great when decorating your house but know when to draw a line. Using too many colours is as weird as matching the curtains and furniture to the wall. Instead, carefully group some colours that complement each other; the ones that don’t hurt the eye and stick to them. You can add a pop of colour but make sure it’s just one or at maximum two. It is not necessary to include all the colours to your room that look attractive. Follow a colour scheme rather than incorporating the entire colour wheel.

  • Not Focusing On Lighting

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when decorating your house is not installing enough lighting in your house. Lights can instantly elevate the vibe of your room. Also, over-lighting your house can make it look like a surgery ward or a hotel lobby. So choose a middle ground and make sure all the places are well lit. 

  • Wrong Size Rug

The size of a rug can make or break your interior design’s game. Too small a rug is of no use and an unnecessarily large one can make the room appear smaller. Just like furniture, there are some rules in selecting the size of rugs. As rugs have the ability to decide how spacious your room is going to look. So again, before shopping, measure!

  • Not Decluttering

Hand-me-downs are great and so are holding onto things that make you feel nostalgic but knowing when to get rid of things that serve no purpose any longer is crucial too. When decorating your house, don’t forget to get done with things you no longer need. The ‘I will use it someday’ is a lie, and we all know it.

  • Ignoring The Balcony

A balcony is an excellent place to soothe your body and mind. You can enjoy a hot cup of coffee after a long day or even do yoga before jumping onto your busy Monday schedule. Ignoring your balcony can be a big mistake. Add a couple of sturdy chairs, a coffee table, cushion and some plants and you’re good to go!

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