3 Home Improvement Tips for a Quick-and-Easy Makeover

Do you want to upgrade your home but lack the money and resources to do so? If so, you’re not alone! While many people dream of bathing in antique clawfoot tubs or building guesthouses in the backyard, this isn’t always plausible.

You can, however, give your home a quick makeover and make it feel new, just by making a few small changes. Follow these three tips for dramatic results without breaking the bank.

1. Comb through your house and declutter.

The longer you live somewhere, the more clutter will seep in. What starts are a cute lamp you find at a garage sale becomes a room full of gifts, impulse buys, and ideas for room decor. This is perfectly natural and can make your home feel cozy; however, it can also create clutter.

Within each room, evaluate whether you still need certain items. Are you bored with the art you bought 10 years ago? Do you really need the cat figurine your aunt gave you? Decide which items need to be donated, sold, or recycled.

If you aren’t sure whether you want to get rid of certain items just yet, place them in storage for a few months. If you don’t miss them during that time, then it’s time to sell or donate them. Conduct a quick search for “self-storage near me,” to find a close location where you can access the items if you decide you need them.

Decluttering will make your home look bigger and will create space for new items that you absolutely love.

2. Conduct a deep clean on your home.

Once you have paired down your items, conduct a deep cleaning on your house to remove any grime and make it shine like new. For example, you might run the vacuum over the carpet once per week, but that doesn’t pick up everything. Dirt and debris get left behind and stains can linger over time. Certain high-use areas of your house can also start to get worn down from all of the foot traffic.

By investing in professional carpet cleaning services, like those offered at eagleseyecarpetcleaning.com, you can really scrub your carpets and make them look like new. Some of your friends and family members might think you replaced your carpet completely!

Along with the carpets, make sure you scrub your baseboards, clean your windows, and pressure wash the exterior of the house. This attention to detail for all areas of your home will pay off when it feels bigger and more open just because it is clean.

3. Rethink your room layouts and uses.

If you want to really change up your home without spending money, evaluate your room layouts. What would your bedroom look like if you angled your bed or moved it against the wall? Could you increase your space if you combined your office and sewing area? Now that you have decluttered, there might be more space than you realize.

Room planning is a great way to makeover your home if your kids recently moved out. While you might want to keep at least one guest bedroom free when they visit, you may be able to turn one bedroom into a home office, personal gym, or hobby area.

With a few creative moves, your home will feel like new. Plus, you can use the extra space for new and engaging ways as if you built an add-on to your existing house.

Once you have completed your home makeover-on-the-cheap, hold a party so your friend and family can see how nice your place looks. They may be surprised by what you did to improve the place, even if you only make a few small changes.

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