Fitbit Force Activity Tracker

fitbit force activity tracker

The Fitbit Force is currently the hottest activity tracker on the market right now. One of the most popular gifts this Christmas, Fitbit Force virtually flew off store shelves around the country. We eventually had our chance to see what makes this tracker tick, just in time to shed a few of those holiday pounds. The Force helps you keep your fitness in check.

What makes the Fitbit Force so popular is without question the simplicity. Its slender design is smaller than most watches and easily stays out of your way during daily activities. The features are practical and reliable, arguably the most accurate in terms of activity trackers. With a price tag of just $129.99, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either.

Where Fitbit Force really hits its stride is with its smartphone integration. Downloading the free application allows users to set goals, count calories and even chart your sleeping patterns. One of my favorite features is the ability to set silent alarms, perfect for waking up without disturbing your partner in the morning.

How deep you want to get with Fitbit is entirely up to you. Users are offered personal workout and meal plans for $49 per year, serving as somewhat of a digital trainer. While we haven’t experimented with this yet, users can take advantage of a 7-day trial without submitting any payment information. It’s certainly worth a look for anyone looking for serious tracking.

Ultimately, Fitbit Force is an excellent reminder to keep yourself moving throughout the day and constantly find new motivation. If you’re one of the millions eyeing improved fitness entering the new year, this is easily one of the best activity trackers on the market.


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