What to Wear on a Date – 3 Essential Tips

Dating is a popular activity, even more so these days thanks to the internet and the many dating sites that exist. However, just because dating is made easier doesn’t necessary mean that your chances of success are higher. In other words, it is not hard to be in contact with other singles, but you still need to do a good job at giving them a good impression. This is where how you dress can make all the difference, and today we are here to give you 3 simple but effective tips about how to dress in a way that will make you stand out.

Tip#1 – Matching the colour of your clothes to your body features.

Something that a lot of people don’t know is that wearing a certain colour can actually make some of your body features stand out. For example, wearing a red dress can make your lips stand out. Red is often associated with sensuality, but the real trick is that it highlights your lips and actually makes them look better.

Lips aren’t the only feature you may want to emphasize on, in fact it very much depends on who you are and what you think your best features are. Men with blue eyes can consider wearing a blue shirt or a blue polo to make accentuate their eye colour, making those even deeper and therefore more charming.

Another thing to remember is that if you have pale skin, wearing dark clothes will only accentuate that pale colour. This is something you might want to do, after all pale skin is considered attractive by many people. But in the inverse, if you wish to look less pale, then wearing white clothes or lighter colours will give your skin a bit more of a tan.

Basically, colour matching is either about enhancing or contrasting a colour. You just need to spend time in front of the mirror and make a few experiments yourself until you find the right balance that pleases you the best.

Tip#2 – Enhancing your shapes

In a very similar way to colour matching, you can use clothes to either enhance your better features or hide your lesser ones. This is very much subject to how you perceive yourself, so the work ‘hiding’ might be a little strong here. Instead try to see it as finding the right clothes to fit your body shape.

For example, some people will wear wider and baggy trousers because they find their legs to be a bit too wide. So rather than wearing something too tight that will enhance the shape, they prefer to wear something that doesn’t emphasize on their legs as much.

Some men will enjoy wearing a suit because it helps to make their shoulders look a little wider. Others will prefer to wear a tight T-shirt to accentuate the muscles on their arms, and also they are aware that wearing a large t-shirt might make them look too skinny.

It also depends on what sort of dating you are going for. With traditional dating, people will generally be quite tame about enhancing certain body shapes. On the other side, people going for local shags sex dating might just want to enhance their sexiest attributes. It makes sense, but it is always worth taking the time to consider. Some people will want to look smart while others will want to look sexy.

This might sound simple enough, but it actually takes most people a lot of time to figure out what shapes of clothes are a best fit. So practice a bit, try on different sized tops and bottoms, experiment with wearing hats to see what shapes fit your body best. You would be surprised to see that money can’t always buy the best fit, and that it is really up to you to try different clothes until you find something you are happy with.

Tip#3 – Using comfortable clothes

This is where our first two tips ultimately point to: you need to feel comfortable with what you are wearing. There is really no point having clothes that are too tight and stop you from breathing, or that are simply too large and keep falling down. The last thing you want during a date is to be fiddling with your clothes, as it will be annoying for both you and the person you are dating.

Comfort is about feeling at ease with those clothes because they fit you well, but also because you feel they show what you want to show. Some very light dresses might feel physically comfortable but they make you feel too aware of showing your body. At this stage, comfortable is defined by not just physical comfort, but also what you are happy to show. No point wearing a very short skirt if all it makes you do is to push it back down every time it raises itself.

For men, jeans that are too skinny can make sitting down a difficult thing, where your undercarriage is simply getting squished. On the other side, jeans that are too baggy can mean that you’re constantly stepping on your trousers as they overhang on top of your shoes.

Dating can make people nervous, and the last thing you need on top of that is having to worry about the clothes you are wearing because you don’t feel at ease with them. So stick to a practical approach, that way you will look and act more at ease with yourself, which should make you more desirable to the person you are dating.

Extra #tip – Being true to yourself

We will conclude this article by saying this: finding the right clothes to wear on a date is simple in principle, but the application of such principles can be complicated. If anything, it will take some practice until you get it right. The easiest way to achieve this by far is for you to wear what you usually wear, but make a few exceptions to enhance those colours and those shapes.

You’ve probably heard this before, but just be you. No point wearing something you never usually wear, as it will not represent who you truly are. Sure you might think that wearing the smartest and most expensive clothes is a best way to charm your date, but that only will work so long if you are not actually rich and you spend most days wearing a short and a tank top.

Being yourself means you will face rejection, but the people who actually like you will do so for the right reasons. In other words: the people you will date will like you for who you truly are rather than what you’re pretending to be. Your clothes are part of your personality. It is just a matter of making a few small compromises to show your date that you’ve made the effort, while at the same time just making sure you’re staying true to yourself.

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