5 Things you Should Never Ask an Escort

High class escorts Berlin are professionals who are well trained to give you the time of your life. As with any professional service, a good general rule is to avoid getting too personal. However, given the nature of the services offered, the line between what personal and what is offensively prying may be blurred. To be safe, below are five questions you should avoid asking an escort.

If They are Using a Real Name or Not

It is an open secret that high class escorts Berlin use different names while at work. These are usually their working names used for safely and creating some distinction between their private and professional lives. Asking an escort for their name shows you may not be a cooperative client who is willing to respect their privacy. It also indicates that you may be intending to harm them using their personal details. Most importantly, asking for a name may indicate some unwanted emotional attachment, which is no good for either of you.

If They Can Send Nudes

It may be easy to imagine that just because you pay the escort for their time and sexual services, they are comfortable sharing photos of their naked bodies for you to store on your phone. This is not the case. High class escorts Berlin invest a lot of time and finances in making their online profiles, keeping their bodies in good shape, and learning how to please you in every possible way. As they put in a lot of effort so that they can charge competitively for their service, asking for a free photo of their body is undermining their work.

If They Have a Boyfriend

Although many escorts choose to remain single due to the nature of their trade, a good number of them have significant others. This is perfectly normal as some escorts are very good at compartmentalizing their emotions. Even if they were no good at it, this is part of their personal life that is not part of your interaction. This question may make the model think you want more out of the transaction, which would be detrimental for their career. As mentioned earlier, it is good practice to engage your escort in conversation about interesting topics, but it is inadvisable to create a relationship beyond the transactional one.

Why They Are in the Escort Industry

This is may seem like a very innocent question; after all, don’t we ask accountants, doctors and writers why they do what they do? The only difference is that for an escort, the assumption is usually that it was some tragedy that put her on that path. Whatever their reasons are, your interaction would be much smoother if you didn’t try to find out. The escort may then think that you are expecting a sad story so that you can pity her or offer her alternatives. Again, that is getting too personal as all the two of you should be doing is enjoying each other’s company.

An easy rule to follow with escorts is to know as little as possible about their personal life. This will prevent you from asking questions that could compromise a good time with your date.

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