State-of-the-Art Technology: What Is the Best Non-Invasive Fat Removal Procedure in 2020?

Today, there are more options than ever before involving fat removal. Unfortunately, even with proper diet and exercise changes, individuals can find excess fat remains. Although there are undoubtedly invasive procedures that can get rid of fat, these carry risks many people do not want. Understanding which non-invasive procedure brings the best results will help individuals to make the right choice.

Why Does Fat Hang Around?

Before learning more about Coolsculpting, it is wise to understand the problems of lingering fat. Dealing with excess fat can embarrass. When someone has increased fat deposits in certain areas of their body, they can look more overweight than they are. There are certain areas of the body where fat likes to linger, despite targeted exercises and consuming a healthy diet. When these fatty areas do not respond, hormones and other issues can be at play.

What Is This Procedure?

Cryolipolysis is a treatment option that uses cryotherapy to target fat cells and destroy them. It cools down the fat cells so they freeze. Once frozen, the cells break down, and the body absorbs them. The absorption process takes several weeks to months, but the fat cells never grow back. For this reason, many people consider cryolipolysis to be the best non-invasive fat removal treatment.

What Can Patients Expect?

It is important individuals understand what to expect from treatment so it will prepare them. They can treat most areas of the body in under an hour. First, the applicator gets placed on the treatment area. For the first few minutes, patients may experience a few uncomfortable sensations, including pinching, cramping, and intense cold. These typically subside once the area becomes cold enough to be numb.

Most of the unwanted sensations come from the vacuum pulling the fat cells to the surface and the intense cooling effect. Patients, although uncomfortable, rarely find this fat removal treatment unbearable.

What Are the Results?

Just after the procedure, individuals may be red, slightly bruised, and even swollen. These fade quickly, but the full results will not be clear for a few weeks or up to six months.

It takes time for the body to absorb the fat cells and their contents slowly. As time goes on, the treated area will continue to improve in appearance, leading to a better tone and much less flab. Many people report losing multiple inches in their treated areas. Sometimes, the patient needs a second procedure to get the results they want.

Although the fat cells never regrow, surrounding fat cells can grow larger. Individuals who have gone through cryolipolysis should make sure they eat a healthy, balanced diet and remain active to keep their new shape.

It is important to note that cryolipolysis is not a weight-loss option. Only a few ounces of fat are removed, but this procedure results in inches lost.


Excess fat no longer has to remain problematic for people. If you have tried everything to lose excess flab, non-invasive procedures like cryolipolysis are an option.

With this procedure, the fat cells freeze and get absorbed by the body. Once destroyed, they cannot regrow. Using cryolipolysis technology, treatment areas can include the stomach, love handles, back, thighs, arms, and under the chin. With a consultation, individuals can learn if this procedure is right for them.

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