Travelling To Bahrain For The First Time

Maybe you’re wondering, is Bahrain worth traveling? This is the first question that hits our minds when we think of touring Middle Eastern countries.

I want to assure you that Bahrain is an emerging tourist spot which guarantees immersive experiences like old civilization, enriching country history, and rooted culture to name just but a few.

So if you’re travelling to Bahrain for the first time and you’re looking for unique travel experiences, here are the top enchanting experiences that will amaze you with unforgettable experiences.

Flavouring Bahrain food


Meals are very essential when travelling to a new place. Eating local dishes with the locals is usually a great experience as you won’t dwell on what you’ve been eating in your mother country and for Bahrain, their meals are a medley of flavours and contain several spices -some of which you’ve never used.

This country is full of cooking experts. Apart from taking their traditional food and lip-smacking international meals, you’ll be one of the few who will be able to learn their cooking practices and recipes.

I admit, you must not miss the epic Bahraini breakfast. It is one of the best!

Imagine a plate of sweet vermicelli with a hint of cardamom -which experts say may lower blood pressure, has cancer fighting compounds, and may help with digestive problems like ulcers, and egg pancakes not forgetting the Khubus, traditional bread on your table.

To add to the heavy breakfast, Machboos (fragrant rice with meat), Quozi (stuffed lamb with rice), Halwa Bahraini are other popular dishes you should not miss.

Tree of life

Travelling to Bahrain for the first time? The tree of life is just another major, must visit Bahrain’s tourist destination that should be added on your tour map.

It is a tree which dwells in the middle of a desert 2 kilometers away from Jebel Dukhan. The locals say that this tree has survived for hundreds of years without any obvious source of water.

They have been captivated by this lonesome tree for centuries and made it a tourist spot. As of writing this post, the tree of life is 32 feet tall, aged 400 years and counting as it is continuing to grow despite the lack of water, nutrients and the unchanging harsh temperatures -thus one of the remarkable natural wonders of the world.

Visit Souqs


Souqs (traditional markets) are one of the things that make Middle Eastern countries stand out to be the best places to visit. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Qatar, Iran, or Bahrain, missing out on these traditional markets can be deemed an immortal sin.

These markets sell all kind of products that you might need from clothing, lamps, food, souvenirs, mosaic lamps, artefacts, scarves, spices and even gold.

But the question is, which specific market should you visit?

The great Manama Souq is a must visit market. You’ll be amazed by the narrow alleyways and colorful shops which give you a rare glimpse of the long gone error.

While there, don’t forget to buy Bakhoor, Arabic perfumes, and Exotic Persian rugs for your friends back at home. If you’re a gold lover who is into premium quality, Gold city in Manama Souq is a must visit.

Diving for pearls

This Middle Eastern country was once the biggest supplier of pearl taking up to 80% of the market and therefore you can imagine the amount of oyster beds that lie there.

As of writing, you can explore over 400 square miles of oyster beds and engage in pearl diving – one of the most unique experiences if you’re travelling to Bahrain for the first time.

In fact, you can dive deep into the Arabian Gulf and engage in pearl hunting. If you’re lucky to catch one, you’ll be allowed to keep it as a reminder -an exclusive experience you can take from Bahrain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bahrain expensive to travel?

Bahrain is not expensive to travel but you should plan to spend around $130 (BHD48) per day. On average, you can spend around $45 (BHD17) on meals and $25 (BHD10) on local transport. All in all, adapt the best tips of reducing the cost of travelling and all will be well.

Is Bahrain safe for males and females?

Bahrain is a safe destination for all genders. However, female travellers should mind their dress code and avoid conflict. If your dress code is wanting, you’ll be given an abaya and a Hijab to cover yourself. Men need to cover themselves as shorts and sleeveless shirts are not allowed

What should I pack from Bahrain?

Leaving Bahrain, you should ensure that your backpack is full of perfumes, bakhoor, Persian rugs, Stuffed dates, Pearls, and Bahrain Gold. 

Over To You

Now that you’re aware of different places you can tour when travelling to Bahrain, what next? 

Well, it’s up to you. If you’re keen about touring this amazing country, it will be wise to do your Bahrain hotel booking early and secure your rooms in advance.

Remember, don’t forget to go for pearl hunting. 

Happy touring.

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