The Breeze in Your Hair: 7 Inspiring Activities for Nature Lovers

Spending too much time cooped up indoors is not good for anyone, especially nature lovers. Below are seven activities that are great for getting people outside and enjoying the great outdoors. These activities will get the breeze blowing through a person’s hair and have them feel more like themselves again after being cooped up inside.

Hiking in the Great Outdoors

If a person has a pair of shoes, a water bottle, and the ability to walk, they can go for a hike. Hiking is affordable, does not require any special equipment, and is great for getting people outside and into nature. Some people choose to hike on wine tours with Van in Black.

People can enjoy this sport solo, with their spouse, or even in a large group. Hikes can be personalized to the person’s abilities. Beginners can enjoy a short hike in a flat area, while experienced hikers can go for many miles and find hikes with steep inclines.

Camping Under the Stars

Until a person has camped in nature without the big city lights glaring, they are not aware of just how many stars there are in the night sky. Nature lovers should consider planning a camping trip with loved ones and friends and get a big dose of the great outdoors. Camping, cooking outside, and exploring the camping area will be fun for everyone, especially nature lovers.

Riding a Bike

A person needs to ask themselves when the last time was that they rode a bike. If the answer is childhood, it may be time to give this outdoor activity another go.Riding a bike as an adult is a completely different experience than riding as a kid.

Adults bikes come in an assortment of designs for off-road and on-road biking. Those with physical challenges can have special bikes built just for them and their needs. Consider taking a quick ride around the neighborhood or plan a long half-day ride on a bike path. Do not forget the water!

Rock Climbing

Those who love adventure and getting physical should give rock climbing a shot. This takes a lot of strength and the mental capacity to plan several steps ahead. Rock climbing is like solving a puzzle as one goes. If one moves to the wrong place, they may find themselves at an impasse and have to backtrack.

Snow Skiing

For those who do not mind being out in the cold, snow skiing could be the hobby of their dreams. Special equipment will be required but can be easily rented. This activity may take a little practice, but many people turn out to be natural skiers.

Growing Goodies in the Garden

For those who want to enjoy the great outdoors right in their own yard,gardening could be the answer. A benefit of this outdoor hobby is that the person gets rewarded with vegetables, fruit, or pretty flowers. This activity can be enjoyed almost year-round and is very affordable. As a bonus, this hobby can save a person money on their groceries.


For a couple of hundred dollars, anyone can purchase a kayak. Owning one of these means that a person can enjoy an adventure wherever there is water. Kayaks are great for people of all ages and all abilities.

They come in different lengths, widths, and designs. The longer boats are for ocean waves, and the smaller boats are great for freshwater adventures. Some of these are even made to be folded, making transporting them easy.

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