Features You Will Need in a Sushi Machine for Your Restaurant

Aussies love sushi, the Japanese delicacy, just for the joy of eating bite-sized pieces packed with tons of health benefits and addictive flavours.

If you plan to include a sushi menu at your restaurant, you will need sophisticated equipment with advanced features. Installing products from top makers like Sushi Machine is an excellent starting point to roll out delicious sushi varieties for your customers. 

A Sushi Machine’s Functionality

The machine’s primary function is to ensure maximum efficiency, where the need for the personal touch is least while maintaining the top quality that sushi exemplifies.

Leading brands ensure the rice is at the right temperature and texture. Depending on the machine type you choose, you will have access to a wide variety of features, each with a specific purpose.

Here are the expert-recommended top features of some of the vital sushi machines you will need for your restaurant.

Power Consumption

Sushi machines can speed up your sushi preparation job by up to 100 times, thus increasing your restaurant efficiency by manifolds. However, if you wish to make the best out of branded machines, like those from Sushi Machine, look for the correct power consumption rating.

Experts suggest going for a high energy specification that makes the model more energy-efficient, with lower burnouts. You can check your electricity bills to see if your sushi equipment setup consumes the right amount of power every month.

Features of Sushi Rice Sheet Making Machine and Automatic Sushi Rolls Cutter

The top rice sheet making machine labels offer a capacity of dispensing 950 sheets per hour. Their features, such as advanced LCD touch screen technology, are handy for adjusting the rice length and density, vital for creating consistent rice sheets quickly.

On the other hand, a capable automatic sushi roll cutter can cut nearly 2,200 rolls in an hour. Look for a two-button operation that offers you complete safety; you will not come in contact with the 180 mm cutting blade unit, typically available in sets of 6 or 8 pieces.

Features of Rice Cookers and Rice Mixers

For restaurant applications, you need to work with substantial rice quantities. You will need a heavy-duty sushi rice cooker that can cook up to 150 cups of rice. These machines come with a computer-aided rice cooking controller and round cooking non-stick Teflon-coated pan, thus ensuring the equipment is long-lasting.

Top branded cooked-rice mixers can blend up to 15 kg of cooked rice within hardly 5 minutes, thus helping fast-tracking the sushi preparation process at your outlet. Check for models with one button discharge and a built-in air blower for rice cooling.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Regulations And CE Marking For Safety Measures

When you wish to install sushi machines at your restaurant in Australia, you need to adhere to the respective state OH&S regulations. Ensure the models you choose have good safety features and are OH&S regulation-compliant to avoid potential injuries due to machine malfunctions. 

Top brands only feature sushi machines with CE markings. It automatically makes the equipment OH&S compliant, essential for commercial use, such as in a restaurant.

Find a reputable expert and invest in branded sushi machines with all features essential for your restaurant. Rest assured, your sushi menu can become a hot pick among your loyal customers, with most of them coming back for more.

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